Lars and Lars (now in an english version)

its a poem


1. Lars and Lars had a good time

Lars and Lars had a good time
when they drank lemonade with citrus and lime
one day when they were sitting on the hill
a man came by and his name was bill

He asked the brothers 
if they had seen his mother
then the boys said no
now bill was just all alone

But the boys asked if he wanna stay
and bill said, thanks, just one day
then i need to find my mom
and my bigbrother called Tom

The Brothers said alright
but at least you can stay the night
so when they woke op the very next morning
Lars and Lars lay beside Helle Thorning

The two brothers got shocked in bed
Cause they didn't knew the ladys head
Brother number one yelled "Who are you?"
Helle was confused "I thought you knew?"

"But what happened to our good friend bill?"
And Helle said "Sorry, it was not with my good will."
i met him at night and I thought he was hot
And I wanted to kiss him, but he did not. 

When I have begged him, I knew I've failed
So I called my lifeguards, and now he's in jail
I would have done anything, I really wish I could
But sorry brothers, Bill is gone for good. 







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