Don't Leave Me

Dette digt handler om en dreng, som efterlader en pige, der er forelsket i ham, på en strand... og pludselig hører hun lyde...


1. Dont Leave Me

Darlin, I love you,

And I´ll die for you too.

I love the way you are,

`Cause I can be myself,

without trying hard.

Your love is like a drug to me,

But I wanna be,

Like you, do you see?

You´re my heart,

You´re my soul,

Never are you cold.


You gave me nothing at all,

But you gave me a call.

And that's all I want,

That's all and enough.

And we´re tough.


Never we´ll be toghether,

But I´ll love you forever.

And now I know,

Why you did go.

You can go, always,

But please stay.

´Cause I love you, darlin.


You left me on the beach,

My checks they were like peach.

I could see the moon,

and your face, it looked like a bloom.

I could feel the pain,

And  I saw that all my time with you, were in vain.

Why did you need to leave me?

Couldn't you hold me?

Just for one last time,

I don't wan't to climb.

Suddenly I realized that you,

have been a fool.

You let me down,

so many times,

you left me here on the cold ground,

and you did not let me here the sound of your voice,

and now I here all these sounds,

but you didn't give me a choice.


Now I'm here, all alone,

My heart, it feels like stone.

You protected my heart, now I see,

And then, you killed me.

I walk into the water,

oh, it's so cold,

but I haven't got a choice,

'cause I can still hear your voice.

It's inside my head,

It'll be there, till I'm dead.

Please bury my body with my soul,

in one big, deep hole.


I'm now in the water,

I freeze so much,

I wish you'd give me, just one, last touch.

I know what to do,

and it's all because of you.

You'd let me down,

now I'll die, in the ground.


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