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Jeg syntes det ville være fedt at dele nogle historier jeg har lavet, fordi der var en opgave i skolen. Så der vil komme en masse blandede historier og det kan være både danske og engelske! (Hvis i er uheldige Tyske!) xD

Nå.. håber virkelig i vil give det en chance og så håber jeg at i syntes lige så godt om mine historier som min lærer! ;)


1. Engelsk eventyr

Once upon a time there lived a king in a big castle with his 18 years old daughter. The king teaches her at home and teaches her to rule the kingdom. The daughter loves the nature and loves to go for a walk in the little town. She loves to visit an old lady with a beautiful garden. The garden is filled with beautiful flowers in all colours and there is a beautiful fountain in the middle. The old lady has a flower shop in her house and sometimes the princess buys some bouquets and gives them to the king.

“Father!” the princess called “Yes, my dear daughter” the king replied and came in to the princess “Can I go for a walk please?” She asked and stood up. The king smiled and answered: “Of course you can”. The princess smiled happily and called one of her 7 courtiers who came after a short time “Do you want to go for a walk with me?” She said and smiled “of course” The courtier replied her.

The courtier and the princess went to the little town where people nicely greeted the princess as she walked through the narrow streets. The princess quickly found the way to the little flower shop, but there was closed and a boy of about the same age as the princess stopped “Martha is here no longer your highness.” “But where is she?” the princess asked confused. Martha was always there when she came “Martha is visiting her sick father your highness” The princess was sad. Now she had just been looking forward to talking to the sweet flower lady and she was not even there “Well thanks for the help. What is your name?” she asked and smiled a little to the young boy “Carlos” he replied and smiled awry. “And you are Princess Emilia right?” he asked and looked at her “Yes I am,” she said smiling “If you want to have some beautiful flowers I know where you can get them” He looked at the flower shop, which the princess would have visited “Do you? Where? Can you show me?” She asked hopefully “of course follow me” Carlos said. The courtier gently prodded the princess on the shoulder “You cannot just go with a stranger, what would the king say?” she looked a bit skeptical but the princess said simply “Oh come on Carlos seems like a really nice guy? What is the problem?” The courtier sighed just resigned and went after the princess, who was already on the way following Carlos.

Carlos took her to the other end of town where there was an old farm. The Princess followed and looked a bit suspicious at Carlos “Should you not lead me to the place where I can buy some beautiful flowers?” Carlos turned to the princess and laughed “Well, this is what I have done?” The Princess was not completely satisfied. She had expected a more beautiful place and not an old farm. Carlos looked confused at her “What is the problem?” “Nothing! .. The place is just not what I had imagined, but never mind” The courtier was not completely satisfied and she would rather just return “Princess we have to go back!” the princess saw annoyed at the courtier “No, we have plenty of time. If you are afraid of him then go home.” The courtier did not seem happy “I cannot just go; what would your father say?” “Carlos, can I come back tomorrow?” asked the princess “Yes, of course you can your majesty” “alright then. See you tomorrow” the princess said and went back to the castle with the courtier. That night, the princess could not sleep. She kept thinking about Carlos. She wondered how he was. Where did he live? How old was he? Thousands of questions, that she could not get answers to before tomorrow.



The princess got up very early and hurried into the kitchen where she grabbed some breakfast and wrote on a piece of paper “Dear father. I have gone for a walk. I'll be back before the sun goes down! See you”

The princess took her things in a little basket and went into town. What she did not know was that one of her courtiers had followed her. There were already many people in the city. The princess went to the little farm that Carlos took her to the day before. She knocked on the door and not long after, a man opened the door “Hello, is Carlos here?” She asked the man. The man had a big curly mustache and some dark eyes. He smiles kindly and called Carlos. Carlos came and looked at the Princess “Hi, I guess you want the flowers” he laughed “Yes, can you show me where they are?” asked the princess longing “follow me” he grabbed some garden shears that the man threw to him. Carlos went into a shed and further out into a garden that was filled with the most beautiful flowers that the princess had ever seen. “Carlos they are beautiful!” she squatted and picked a bell flower “You must have just the ones you want, but what do you need them for?” Asked Carlos and squatted in front of the princess. The princess saw deeply into his eyes. The courtier gasped and could not believe her own eyes. The way they looked at each other. The king would not like to see. They saw smiling at each other “I would give my father a bouquet it makes him so happy. Since mom died, I have been his only joy.” He nodded understandingly and smiled “I am sorry your highness. Shall we find some beautiful flowers for your father?” “Yes, let us do that” She smiled a little at Carlos and together they began to look for beautiful flowers. They started to play around in some flowers and it looked as if they had fun. They laughed together. The courtier did not like that they were together and it was even worse when he began to tickle her and she laughed out loud. She did not say “stop” or “we cannot be together” she let him go and the courtier ran back to the king “Your Highness, your daughter is with a boy from the village, and he is of her age! They look so happy” The king looked really furious “I cannot believe that! Why would my daughter do something like that?” The courtier began to tell what had happen and the king became more and more furious. He pondered all day about how he would solve this problem and he knew that the Princess should have a real prince and not a boy from the village. The princess came home before the sun set as she had promised. The king pretended nothing had happened. That night, the princess fell sound asleep.





The king woke up and hurried into the princess’ bedroom just to check that she still was there. The princess was still asleep and the king asked one of the courtiers to ask the chef to make some breakfast for the princess and himself. When the meal was ready, the king went to the princess’ bedroom “Emilia?” The princess woke up and saw her father standing next to her “Father? What is happening?” She seemed to be scared and the king laughed “Sweetheart we should eat breakfast together.” The princess looked very confused and got up “All right then..” she rubbed her eyes “I’ll come when I’ve dressed” “Okay I'll see you soon” said the king, and went into the dining room. He sat and waited patiently for her. She arrived shortly after and sat down in front of the king “Father may I go for a walk today?” The princess asked and smiled “Yes of course you may” The king replied “But why do you always go to the village?” The king asked “I like the nature and I like the nice people who live there.” She answered with a low voice “And which people do you talk about?” The king asked “Martha and Carlos” The princess said. The king smiled a little “I'm glad you've got yourself some friends”. When the princess had finished eating she stood up and said thank you. She gave her father a hug and kissed him on the cheek. She packed a bag and leave. The king followed her without her knowledge. The princess went to the old farm and knocked on the door. This time a young boy opened the door “Hello, my dear friend is Carlos here?” The young boy smiled and ran into the house “Carlos! The princess is here. She wants to talk to you” The young boy said and shortly thereafter Carlos came“ Hi Emilia. Do you need more flowers?” He laughed a little “No, I thought we could spend a little time together?” Carlos smiled “Really? Would you spend time with me?” He asked flattered “Yes and I was wondering if we could have a picnic?” “Of course it sounds great! Come I know a perfect place for a picnic!” He took the princess by the hand and pulled her into the garden. He took her to a lake and let go of her hand "Here" He smiled happily and the princess watched surprised around “Wow. It is beautiful. I have looked at this so many times from my window” “So you like it?” Carlos asked “Definitely - yes!”  The princess and Carlos began to unpack the things. When they finished they sat down on the carpet and talked.

Carlos and Emilia had fun and they decided to go swimming in the lake. They competed to see who could swim fastest and who could hold their breath the longest. Carlos swam through a waterfall and Emilia followed. They laughed a little and pretended to take a bath in the waterfall. Emilia swam back and sat down on the edge. The king asked the guards to take the princess back to the castle and threw Carlos in the dungeon. The princess screamed out loud when the guards took hold of her. Carlos heard Emilia and swam back “Emilia, are you okay!?” He shouted, but she was gone. He could not believe that he let that happen. Carlos could not do anything before it was too late. Two guards grabbed him and pulled him out of the water. They took his clothes and gave it to him. They threw Carlos in the dungeon and locked him inside. The king asked the princess to pack her bags, so she could get to a school for princesses who did not know how to behave as a princess. The princess cried a lot, but her father could not care less. The king sent the princess with a coach to the school. The school took care of her, but she did not want to be there. She did not want to do what she was told.



One day the princess escaped from the school. She ran into a big forest. She ran and ran but she was just running in circles. She was tired and lied down on the forest floor. She started crying because she knew she would never find her way through the forest “What is the matter Emilia” Emilia became frightened and gasped "Who is there!" She shouted scared "Calm down. You do not have to shout I'm right here?" "Oh my God you are a mouse!" "Yes, and?" The mouse started to laugh. He could not see the problem "You can talk? How?" "The forest is enchanted all animals can talk." Emilia looked scared around "Relax nothing is going to happen. We won’t hurt you?” “But..” “Breath sweetheart" the mouse put his paw on her knees "Why are you crying?" the mouse asked "I cannot find the way through the forest I have walked for hours!" The princess cried “I can help you. It will go faster if you carry me!" the Princess nodded sympathetically and sat down on her knees in front of the mouse and picked him up. The mouse began to tell her the way through the forest. They came to a large bridge were two trolls stood and held guard “We have to get over the bridge” The mouse whispered “But how?” The princess asked scared “Who is there!” shouted one of the big trolls. The mouse climbed quickly up the princess’ arm and hid in her hair. The princess came out from her hiding place and went to the trolls "It is just me. Can I cross the bridge?" The princess asked gently “Only if you can handle a riddle” The other troll said “Bring it on!” the princess answered. The troll smiled "With a box of matches in your hand, you get into a dark room where there is one carbide lamp, an oil lamp and a heater. What do you light first?" Questioned the troll and smiled evilly "oil lamp?" "No." "stove?" "No." The mouse crawled up to the princess' ear and whispered "Match" the princess looked confused, but answered anyway "I light a match?" The trolls saw gaping at the princess. She did it. The trolls stepped aside so she could get over the bridge "properly". The princess hurried over and took the mouse into her hands “Thank you little friend” “Now we just need to free my best friend from the dungeon – will you please help me?”

The mouse agreed and they hurried to the dungeon where they freed Carlos without the king ever noticing. They hurried back into the enchanted forest where they got married at the big waterfall and all the animals in the forest were guests at the wedding.


The King was furious, but could not find his daughter and Carlos and after many years he gave up the search.

Carlos and Emilia lived deep in the enchanted forest where all the animals helped them raise a big family. So they lived happily ever after and the King cried himself to sleep every night until he died of old age.


Written by Melissa K. Risbjerg



Tak fordi i læser! :) I må meget gerne like og sætte på favorit lister, hvis i lyster! :D

Håber i syntes godt om historien! Jeg tror bestemt der kommer flere! :)

I må meget gerne smide en kommentar! Jeg elsker at få ris og ros.


Det var så den første. 

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