I Need You

Et digt om kærlighed...


1. All I Need

You´re my heart,

´Cause you´re so smart.

The days feel like years,

When Im alone.

I would wish I was in the love zone.

And my heart would stop beating,

If you´re bleeding.

You know that I never will hurt you.

I hope we always will be together.

Honey, you stoled my heart,

But I don´t care,

Please keep it,

And protect it forever.


I haven´t got a choice,

You´re my voice.

And I´ll listen to you anyway,

So please, stay.


Do you see,

That I need you?

I can be,

And you can too.

I will always love you,

For the things you do.

And I´ll never live without you.

Honey, I need you.


I see the way you go,

And I know,

Why you´d go.

Today Im sitting all alone,

On a stone.

Im looking at the sea,

And I want to be.

Like you forever,

We´ll be together.

Words is not enough,

They can´t say how much,

I love you.

And I can´t too...

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