Engelske stile.

Ville bare lige se hvad i siger til mine engelske stile fra skolen :)

Vil gerne have kritik, så jeg ved hvad jeg kan gøre bedre næste gang ;)


1. Nick frog


Long time ago, the queen died in a terrible storm. The king was heartbroken. 

The king had a son, named Nick Proferes. The king asked his mother for an advice. The king’s mother should take care of his son. Nick’s grandmother learned Nick to do his homework and be a good king. In the meanwhile the king tries to find a new queen. The king’s decided to disguise himself like a poor man and find a woman that loves him for the person he is. The king comes to a little bridge with a big waterfall. When he sees a big snake laying on the bridge, the horse gets scared and it begins to rear and the king fall of the horse. Suddenly there comes a middle-aged woman, and helps him up. “Thank you” says the king to the woman. “Do you know where the nearest town is?” He asked the woman. “Two miles this way” the woman pointed. The king rode to the town. He saw many poor people and it did make him sad. So he tries to help where he could and be nice to the people. He became quickly very popular among the people. One day, a very old lady comes and begs him to help her with the firewood in the basement, because the king looked so strong. The king was a very helpful man so he said “yes” to help her. When he walked down to the basement, the old lady pushed the hatch in the floor and locked it. “What are you doing” the king asked. The old lady appeared to be a witch and she had recognized the poor man as the king. So now she demanded 3.000.000 dollars for the king or she would kill him and boil his bones.

In the meanwhile his son Nick didn’t understand why his father hadn’t come back. He had been away for quite a long time now. Nick was worried about his father’s missing and decided to go out looking for him. Nick was searching for him in many days. He rode through the forest and after some hours on horse, he was very tired and need some place to sleep. Suddenly he noticed a little house with lights in the windows. So he took his horse to the little house and knocked on the door. A beautiful girl opened the door. Nick asked the beautiful girl about a room. She gave him a room with a beautiful view. He told her that his name was Nick and all about his father and that he was missing, but not that he was the king.  She told Nick that her name was Lucia. She liked Nick a little bit and promised him to help him finding his father.

The next day Nick and Lucia went out to find his father. They came to a little bridge with a big waterfall and they met a woman, the same woman as the king met. Nick asks the woman “Have you seen a man on a horse, about 2 weeks ago?” The woman says “yes, he wanted to know where the nearest town was. So I showed him to the town, two miles away. If you are looking for him, you might find him there. “ Nick and Lucia say ‘thank you’ and ride to the town.

When they came to town, they walked around and asked people if they have seen a tall, handsome, man on a horse. Some of them said ‘yes’ and that he was nice to people, but suddenly one day he was disappeared. Then they walked to some other people. They asked them if there were any strange people in this town. One of them said something about an old woman. She was so weird and maybe a witch and she also used magic. Nick and Lucia decided to visit the old woman. They knocked on the door and an old woman appeared in the door. The old woman says “What do you want?” “Have you seen a tall man?” Nick asked. “No I haven’t” the old woman said.

I the meanwhile the king in the basement recognized his son’s voice, so he did make quite a noise. Nick knew now that the witch wasn’t telling the truth and that someone had been captured and sent down in the basement. Nick pushed the witch away and ran to the hatch in the floor and opened it. The king appeared in the basement. The king managed to come up, but the witch enchanted Nick to a frog. That did make the king very angry, so he pushed the old woman into the basement and locked it. The king asked Lucia “what shall we do? My son is a frog.” The king was sad, because he didn’t know how to save his son. “How can we lift the curse?” the king asked. “Maybe we can try to find something in this house that should help him back to normal.” Lucia answered. Lucia found some herbs, so she waved with them in front of the frog. Nothing happened. They tried something else, but nothing seems to succeed. The king says” We have tried everything, but you haven’t kissed the frog. Would you help Nick by kissing him? Maybe the kiss would lift the curse.” Lucia thought about it and answered: “Okay, I try.” Lucia took the frog and kissed it. Suddenly the frog turned into a prince again. Their eyes met. “You save my life” said Nick. “I owe you my life. Do you want to marry me?” Lucia smiled and answered “It will be an honor”

Two days later there was a big wedding and they lived happily ever after. The witch is still in the basement until she dies and the king is still searching for a queen.

The End

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