Maybe later . . .

Hun er 15 år gammel, og er næsten som alle andre teenagepiger, men der er noget helt galt. Hun er forelsket i en fyr - en fyr der betyder alt for hende, en som virkelig tager hånd om hende og elsker hende, men deres kærlighed er ikke fysisk - og noget siger hende at de aldrig kommer til at have det fysisk.


1. Prolog

Tom Kaulitz, why? 
I said, why do I have to be this crazy with him? Stayin' years in front of the screen 
Watching and thinking about him. Cryin' and cursing the day that will never come 
The day that he will hold my hand! And even though I hate this suffering 
I still pray to my beautiful lie 
This is so sad ..
It is sad for me. It's holding me back
Making me turn back to my reality. Constantly loosing moments of my life
Let them take as much fun as they can
I know what I feel and despite that I'm increasingly hate this
This hectic obsession with him, someday I will defeat this
And turn this dark, and distant memory of him. Into reality!
And if I wont succeed. That means I didn't really need him
That all these years, I was looking into the wrong direction
That Tom had nothing to do with my happiness. But until then

Let me be wrong
And believe that Tom might say
Maybe later . . .

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