This is a poem about love.


1. Love.


Love does not understand the concept ”time”
Love does not care for distance.
Love is never easy to define.
And it is difficult to prove loves existence.   

You might say that love is replaceable,
But I strongly disagree
Because love  is always invaluable
Although it is free.  

A pessimist would probably say:
”love is an illusion”
”or just a cliché”
But why should love fit into these terms
When it’s not limited in any way?  

Love can give you many things
But should not give you pain
It is capable of giving wings
Even driving insane  

Love is like flowers;
- Beautiful, natural and amazingly breathtaking
- Grows with sunlight, nutrition and showers
- Can be peacemaking  

Love is ignorant when it comes to fear and weakness
Can be strong enough to break a wall
Love is never elective
And when it comes down to it all

Love effects you like alcohol, empowers you like a waterfall, shoots you down like a paintball,

but it always conquer all.   

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