One Direction imagines... <3


3. Harry imagine


You and Harry have been dating for the past 3 weeks, it's not official that your girlfreind and boyfriend yet though. You really like Harry so you haven't backed away from any dates. Tonight you guys have another date, you don't know where he's taking you but you know it will be great. You have 2 hours until your date so you decide to start getting ready. You take a shower, straighten your hair and put in your make-up, and tthen you search for the perfect outfit. You find a nice floral top and some black skinny jeans and put them on. Then you find your facourite sandals and slip them on. He should be here any second. DING-DONG You get up and walk to the door, you open it to find Harry standing there with a bunch a roses. ”Here you go, love” He hands you the roses. ”Thank you Harry, there lovely” You both walk to the car and Harry opens the car door for you to get in, makes sure you're comfortable and shuts it. Then he walks to his side, gets in and drives off. ~30 minutes drive later~ You guys arrive at the beach, you both get out. ”I thought we could go for a stroll love, is that ok?” ” Yeah, sure” He grabs your hand, entwines your fingers ad you both start walking. ”Alberte, there is a reason why I brought you here today” ” Really, then why?” ”Y/N, will you be my girlfreind?” ” I would love to!” you say excitedly. He pulls you into a passionate, full of love kiss and says, ”I never let you go”

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