One Direction imagines... <3


2. Harry imagine


”Harry put me down!” you shouted as your curly haired boyfriend held you over his shoulder bringing you closer to the pool ”Not until you say it!” Harry said with a cheeky smile on his face”Never!” you say ”Okay than!” Harry said ”1” Harry said ”Harry don-” you tried to say ”2” he counted ”Don't you dare” you shouted ”3!” Harry shouted before pretending to toss you in the pool ”Harry!” you shouted ”I will give you one last chance to say it” Harry said his demples showing. ”Never!” you said standing your ground. Harry sighed ”I warned you” Harry said. He tossed you into the pool. You swan up quick. Harry was laughing on the other side of the poll. ”Harold!” You yell moving your glossy brown hair out of your eyes. ”What? I warned you!” Harry said smiling. You sighed while climbing out. You walked right past Harry. He grabbed your waist and pulled you infront of him his strong arms around you. ”You can still say it, and I will get in with you this time” Harry whispered into your ear it sent chills down your spine. ”Harry-” you stopped ans took a deep sigh ” Harry is a sexy beast” you finally say. Harry gently shoves you into the pool jumping in right after. He swims over to you and places his forehead against yours. ”You are to” he smiles cheekily. You blush looking down ” You are to cute” Harry said raising your head, your eyes meet his beautiful green ones he learns in and pecks your lips and swims away laughing.

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