One Direction imagines... <3


4. 1D imagine


Harry ”Y/N, do you think-” He stopped in his tracks. ”Babe?” His voice growing worried. ”why are you laying on the bed?” He questioned walking over to you. Putting a hand on your cheek, he raised his eyebrows. ”You fell warm.” Was all he said, while he laid on the bed next to you and brushed his lips over your cheek. Louis: ”How come you aren't laughing at my jokes?” He pouted, looking over at you curled in a ball on the couch. Scooting closer to you, he grabbed your arm and pulled you to his chest, lightly. ”Are you feeling okay?” He whispered in your ear as you dosed off to sleep in his arms. Zayn: ”Are you mad at me or something? You haven't spoke to like all day.” He sighed, pulling the covers up and slipping under them. Once he saw that you with his warmth. Liam: Trying to have a conversation with you, he keeps noticing you closing your eyes every chance yoy get. ”Am I that boring tonight?” Hurt, he stood up and was about to walk out, until hi heard you groan. Turning around he noticed you holding your stomach. ”Alberte? Are you alright?” He rushed to your side, wiping the hair out of your face. Niall: ”Why aren't you eating?” He asked, once he saw you dump your whole plate in the trash. When you didn't reply and started walking away, he followed you. Laying on the bed you stuff your face in the pillow. ”Love, are you feeling okay?” He questioned, walking toward you and rubbing circles on your back.

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