One Direction Imagines

Et par imagines der vil være sørgelige, glade, overraskende, samt noget helt særligt. Det her vil være min måde at komme ud med nogen evt. følelser på, samt at aflede min inspiration fra ting som musik, film og bøger - Håber at i kan lide dem ;)<3 I er meget velkomne med at komme med forslag, samt efterspørgsler - vil gøre mit bedste for at opfylde dem ;)<3


2. Sweet Niall Imagine - The baby - English


I looked at his peaceful face, as I got ready to wake him up. The tourbus was small, but we were gonna’ get to a hotel at their next performance location. I was just getting used to the idea of touring with him, as the life changing news hit me. How was I going to tell him? My body was now shaking, until I thought of the little baby in my belly. This was the right time. It really was. But still, a ripple of doubt ran through me, as I started to fear his reaction. Was he going to be mad? Was he going to be exited? I didn’t know. I touched his cheek, to get back the comforting feeling he gave me. He stirred a little when I caressed his red cheeks, and he smiled - Probably a good dream.

“I love you…” I whispered. I carefully moved closer to him, and kissed his nose, just briefly, because I didn’t want to wake him from the dream that’d made him smile. His eyes opened slowly, and looked at me with such love, I took me aback.

“I love you too.” He said, as he smiled, and found my lips. He was very slow at first, really feeling the kiss all the way to his toes. I shivered at his touch, which made him laugh a bit. Then he kissed me again, this time a bit more powerful. I felt every feeling in my body colliding, which made me wrap my arms around him, trying to pull his body closer to mine.

“Relax honey; there are other people on the bus.” He said through the kiss and laughed just a bit – enough to make me laugh as well.

“Niall, I’m pregnant.” I said, and waited for his reaction. His blue eyes went from being amazingly happy, to confused. I could swear there were a bit of angry in there as well. Shivers ran down my back, as he moved away from me, and sat up. He found a shirt, and pulled it over his head, on to his body. Then he left the room.


“PLEASE…” I whispered, as he looked at me once again with a facial expression I couldn’t read, and then closed the car door with a slam. Tears started streaming down my face, as the limo drove me to the airport. I was almost clawing the door, but it was locked, so I just had to swallow the pain. Why would he do that? He wouldn’t… this was just a nightmare. The pain inside was almost unbearable. Now I was alone. With a child as a living memory of the boy I’d loved – and will always love. As I got to the airport, my tears started slowing down, and I started breathing normally. Now it was silent pain, gnawing on my insides, like a flesh-eating bug. I opened the car door, and got my suitcase. I almost couldn’t walk. All I wanted to do was dying. If I couldn’t be with Niall, I didn’t want to live.


For days now, the pain had been continuously growing in my chest. Dying was my only wish, but I kept myself away from the thought by dancing. Everything felt so much happier when I was dancing. After the dancing hour of the day, I sat down on my couch, and flipped through the channels. I ended up on MTV, because they were teaching you how to dougie, but suddenly something came up, that stirred up a lot of feelings inside me - Pictures from last nights concert. The boys. As I sat there, tearing up with the thought of Niall being on the big stage, probably not even thinking about me, something he said made me shake.

“Honey, if you’re listening or watching, I’m sorry. I should have never sent you away like that…” he stopped, and stuttered before saying the next thing.

“I love you. Please forgive me?” he looked pleadingly at the camera, which made me cry. I loved him. That’s all I needed to know. But could he accept our child? Everything went dark, and a familiar melody started playing. I started to smile as the familiar tones of Ed Sheeran – Small Bump started to play in the enormous speakers. He was ready, as well as I was. I loved him. And he loved me – as well as our baby.

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