One Direction Imagines

Et par imagines der vil være sørgelige, glade, overraskende, samt noget helt særligt. Det her vil være min måde at komme ud med nogen evt. følelser på, samt at aflede min inspiration fra ting som musik, film og bøger - Håber at i kan lide dem ;)<3 I er meget velkomne med at komme med forslag, samt efterspørgsler - vil gøre mit bedste for at opfylde dem ;)<3


4. Sad Harry Imagine - Reunited - English


The house was empty without Harry. It missed his laugh. His songs. His thoughts. It was missing his footsteps, and his breathing. It was also missing his “I love you” – no, that was me. I was missing that. It hurt without him. Maybe, it wasn’t the house missing any of those things. Maybe, it was all me. My heart was aching; Well, the hole my heart used to be in hurt - and there was nothing I could do about it. Not even drown my sorrows in liquor. Nothing worked. I looked around the warm living room. The fireplace was burning wildly, and I so badly wanted to stick my hand in there, just to relief the pain from my chest. But of course, Harry wouldn’t have wanted that. He would have wanted me to stay strong, and to continue living – like I would have wanted him to, if I had gotten sick. If I had experienced the pain he had to live through. The Chemo-therapy – it teared me apart thinking how painful it must’ve been, seeing yourself losing all hair – the hair, so many have been babbling about for such a long time - his lucious curls. He never wanted to see me after chemo. He was always covered in blankets, covering his thin and weak hospital-body – and wearing a beanie, just to cover up his shining head; to cover up whom he once was.

OUCH. My hand was burning, and I quickly ran to the kitchen, tears streaming down my face in pain. I turned on the cold faucet, and the relief was so amazing, it couldn’t be described. I closed my eyes, letting my head run lose, and letting all the tears out. The sobs turned into screams, and I fell to the floor, as the pain in my chest, in my head, in my hand, and stomach got totally unbearable. My whole body was burning. Suddenly, a hand was on my back, and caressed me softly. His voice was in my ear, and I could feel him there... I could feel him being near me again. I turned around, and gazed into his green eyes. The eyes I’d been seeking for the past few months without him.

“Babe, what are you doing? What are you crying about?” he asked in a caring voice. I shook my head, and looked into his eyes once again.

“Why’d you leave me?” I asked, still sobbing slightly.

“I had to. I had to get everything ready for you up there.” He said, pointing towards the sky. He smiled at me, and I reached out to touch his cheek. My hand went right through, and I only felt the breeze of the wind. He leaned in, and placed a soft kiss on my cheek.

“Just remember I love you.” He said, looking me in the eyes, making me shiver. He stood up.

“Don’t leave me!” I panicked, and stood up quicker than lightning.

“I won’t be gone forever, babe.” He said, and stepped closer to me. He leaned in, and kissed me with such passion; it made me even dizzier than I was before.

“This is creepy.” I laughed, as I realized I was utterly insane. Harry was dead for god’s sake! He shook his head.

“The heart lets you see what you want the most, one last time, before we will again be reunited. Until then, remember, I'm in here.” He smiled, and caressed my cheek. With the other hand, he pointed to the hole in my chest, where my heart used to be.

“Bye, honey.” I smiled, and waved at him, as a tear fell down my cheek.

“Bye love.” He said, and wiped away the tear with a quick touch. I blinked and he was gone - Gone with the wind – but at least, he let me have my heart back - the only way to have him with me everywhere.

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