One Direction Imagines

Et par imagines der vil være sørgelige, glade, overraskende, samt noget helt særligt. Det her vil være min måde at komme ud med nogen evt. følelser på, samt at aflede min inspiration fra ting som musik, film og bøger - Håber at i kan lide dem ;)<3 I er meget velkomne med at komme med forslag, samt efterspørgsler - vil gøre mit bedste for at opfylde dem ;)<3


1. Sad Harry Imagine - Isn't she lovely? - English

His curly hair was messy, and his eyes were glowing with happiness. His hand was drawing circles on my bare belly, and I could see he was relaxed. I smiled at him, and he quickly smiled back at me. Slowly, I leaned closer to him, and rested my head against his bare chest. The mattress underneath us creaked, and his laugh filled my ears. I closed my eyes, and breathed in the smell of him. His scent was strong, and I just wanted to lie there forever, in his warm arms.

I sat up. I looked around the great white room. The smell was weird, and reminded me a bit of a hospital. The ceiling was high, and the white cotton sheets, were half on the floor. The drawers were half open, and clothes were lying all over the place. I swung my legs off the side of the bed, and stood up - Apparently a bit too quick, because everything got black, and I had to sit down again. My leg was aching, and so was my head.

“Harry?” I called. Was he already up? There was no answer, so I called again, this time a bit more panicking.

“Harry?” I clumsily walked towards the open door. Quickly, I looked down at myself, and my eyes stopped at the cast on my right leg. Shivers ran down my back, as I started to remember what happened. My eyes were suddenly itching, and I felt an urge to scream. Harry wasn’t with me anymore. He was gone. A tear started its way down my face, and I started breathing faster. He was gone. He really was. I leaned against the wall, and slid down to the ground. My whole body was aching, but the worst part, was the ever-growing pain in my chest. The pain, which told me this wasn’t just a nightmare. It was reality.

My fast breaths turned to loud sobs, and suddenly, I was lying on the floor, screaming in pain, reliving the last moments we had together.  I could still hear the loud crash as the truck hit the black Ferrari Harry had just purchased. I could still feel the shards of glass, piercing my skin, and the feeling of my leg breaking. I felt my head hit something metal, and then everything went dark.

I screamed out once again, when I felt a pair of strong arms around me. I gasped as I thought it was an angel, taking me to him, but when I opened my eyes, and saw a pair of eyes that could only belong to his best friend. Louis protective arms were wrapped around me. He was kissing my hair, and stroking my back, while my breathing slowed down. My tears started to slow down, until only a few tears streamed down my red face. I looked up at Louis who was still holding me tight. I closed my eyes, and took a deep breath, remembering the last thing he said to me.

“Isn’t she lovely,” I looked at him and smiled. His voice touched me, and I looked him in the eyes.

“Isn’t she wonderful?” He looked me in the eyes, as he stopped singing.

“You know I was singing about you, right?” he asked. I nodded, and leaned in, kissing him on the cheek. He looked at the road once again, before he kissed my cheek.

“Harry, watch the road!” I said, laughing.

“You know I love you, right?” he asked. I nodded, and smiled at him – knowing, I loved him too.

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