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2. Niall Imagine Engelsk Dirty meget Dirty.

It was rainy day and you were bored at home. Niall was somewhere with friends and you didn’t expect him till midnight. You decided to watch film. You took some food out of the fridge and went to living room. Film started and you was kind of happy, but you missed Nialler.

After film finished, you were so tired that you fell asleep on a couch. You’ve been woken by two soft arms wrapped around you, carrying you to the bed room.

Niall lay you into a bed and kissed you on a cheek. You opened up your eyes.

“Hey princess,” said Niall.

“Hey leprechaun,” you smiled.

“I’m sorry I left you today, I missed you.”

“It’s okay.”

“No it’s not, let me make it up for you.”

“And how, Ni?” you asked, with seductive voice.

“Watch,” said Niall. He started kissing you. His kisses were soft and cute, but then he got more passionate and you didn’t even notice, but you let moan escape from your mouth.

“Niall… please, no teasing today,” you begged him. He always teases you. But you wouldn’t stand it tonight. You were just horny.

“Well well…” he said.

“Please…” you begged one more time while he sucked your neck.

“We’ll see, princess.”


Niall was already shirtless, so he took his pants off and showed his big boner.

“God Niall, you are so hard. Who made you this hard?” you asked jokingly.

“Hah, why do you even ask,” Niall laughted.

He took off your shirt and played with your bra for a while. You were running your hands on his abs and getting lower and lower.

“Gosh (Y/N), don’t do this to me,” moaned Niall.

“Haha, okay, no teasing today,” you said with smile.

“That’s right.”

You smiled and leaned your head down, to his penis. You took him to your mouth, kissing it on top. Niall moaned loudly, everyone from your neighborhood had to hear it.

“Fuck, (Y/N), you really can do this.”

“I know Ni.”

You sucked it slowly, until his sperm fill your mouth. You swallowed and then kissed him on his lips.

“I fucking love you, I really do,” whispered Niall.

“I know baby, I love you too.”

You threw away your panties and sat on Niall’s lap, teasing yourself. He slowly entered you and you screamed.

“Gosh, Niall…”

“(Y/N) louder. Scream it. Let everyone know how good I am, come on!”


He thrusted fast and rough, you couldn’t even breath. It was just amazing. best sex you’ve ever had, he got better every day, you couldn’t explain it to yourself.

“(Y/N),” screamed Niall. “I’m gonna cum…”

You both climaxed with loud screaming and moaning. It was fascinating, you never felt it this way.

You both lay on a bed and huged each other.

“Baby, it was amazing,” whispered Niall softly to your ear.

“Absolutely,” you smiled. ”I love you, Ni.”

“I love you too, (Y/N).”

You got up and went to bathroom.

“Hey, Niall, wanna take shower with me?” you smiled playfully.

“Anytime, princess,” said Niall and followed you to shower. And round two was even better.
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