First Fligh {Hp, One Shot}

Before Voldemort were destructed, before the wizard war, there was a little family of three, mother, father and son. It is a summer evening, where the sun is shining bright, and the neighboors in Godric's Hollow does'nt know what happens inside the Potter familys house.


1. First Flight

Sirius was chasing Harry around the garden. Lily looked out the window, and saw the colours from the flowers around them. She heard steps behind her.

"Next thing we know it, Harry might end up in a tree." she laughed to the footsteps, she knew belonged to her husband. She turned around, looking at him. He smiled gently to her, and then looked out through the window. Harry got his very first broom from Sirius, whom chased him, trying to catch him. Sirius wasn't that experienced on a broom, as James were, but he could fly. They didn't fly over the hedges around them, which wasn't a problem, since they were 4 meters tall, just so occaisions like these could happen.

"Sirius, you are going to hurt him!" Lily yelled, as she step out in their garden. As respons, Sirius just laughed, trying to catch Harry before he would crash. Harry were mostly flying around floor level, but he did manage to get up i 3 meters height sometimes. Sirius fleigh near him all the time, watching over him carefully. Sometimes Lily thought he loved Harry, more than her and James.

"Are you still afraid of flying?" James laughed at her, when he saw her expression, when Harry almost went over the top of the hedge.

"Height is definetly not some of my favorite things." she smiled back at him. Harry almost crashed at the ground, but Sirius manage to jump off his broom, and catch him. He was small, Harry. He had just learned to walk, and Sirius thought he could fly by now. He got the broom for Harry a couple weeks ago.

"You are going to crash, I'm sure of that." Lily said, when Sirius came with Harry on his shoulders.

"Relax, Redhead, he's safe." Sirius replied, smiling his well-known smile. It felted like centuries ago they were in school, and even though they all changed, Sirius' smile was the same.

Sirius putted Harry on the ground again, and he ran immediatly to his father.

"When are you going to learn to fly?" Sirius asked Lily. Her smile fainted a bit. James just laughed at her. Harry just looked around on everyone, didn't have a clue of what was going on.

"Never." Lily answered him.

"It isn't that bad.". James looked at her. Which side was he on? Sirius ran over to his broom, and begun to fly around in the garden. Harry laughed at bit at the sight of his godfather goofing around. He stopped a bit over the ground, in front of Lily, looking at her.

"Come on, Redhead." he smiled.

"No, no!" she replied, walking backwards towards the trees. "I know what you're up to. I'm not going up on that thing." she said, partly scared, partly laughing. She just couldn't help it, but something in this situation, she just found amusing. Sirius came flying in her direction, grabbing her arm, and lifted her of the ground. She heard James and Harry laughing.

"Put me down!" she yelled, over and over again. "Sirius, it's not funny!". She desperatly tried to sound serious, put when everybody laughing around her, she had a hard time. Sirius holded tightly around her wrist, while she clung to his hands. He flied towards the tree, and putted Lily gently in it, 3.5 meters above the ground. He slowly flied backwards, leaving Lily in the tree, and James and himself laughing hysterical. Even Harry had a good time.

"Get me down!" she yelled at the boys, now both standing on the ground. There were not branches to climb down at. All she could do, was wait for someone to come and get her. "Get me down now!" she yelled again, causing James and Sirius to laugh even harder.

"It's not funny!" she kept saying, trying hopelessly to find a way down. She never had her wand near her, when she was home. She could see it through the kitchen window. "Get me down!" she yelled even harder, trying not to laugh. Somehow, something inside of her, just wanted to laugh. Her son, his godfather and her husband, standing and laughing at her, while she was having no fun times at all. It was amusing. James sat Harry on the ground, finding his own broom, and fleigh up to Lily.

"Are you still afraid of flying?" he asked, when he were just in froint of her. He holded his hand out. Lily looked down. There was a long way down. She looked up at James' smiling face again, as she tried to grab his hand. She got on the broom behind him, holding him tight, and closed her eyes. She would be down in any second.

She were calm again, when she could feel the grass beneath her bare feet. Harry runned towards his mom, who lifted him up, and walked strictly over to Sirius.

"I am going to kill you!" she yelled, still smiling, directly in his face. She felt Harrys small hands hitting her in the side of her head, causing her to laugh. "You too." she whispered to him, and kissed him on his forehead, before she laid him on the grass again.

"I'm staying inside for the rest of my life, just so you know where I am." she said to James and Sirius, and walked determinded into the house, sitting in the kitchen and watching over the boys. Her boys.

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