Everyday is so wonderful
Then suddenly
It's hard to breathe
Now and then I get insecure
From all the pain
I'm so ashamed


1. I'm not the only one!

Everyone have a thing they’d like to change about themselves. Even the beautiful famous actors and pop stars. When I look at them, I feel less pretty. I think about the things I’d like to change about myself, all the details. My height, my hair, my skin, everything. I try to tell myself, that it’s not just me who feel that way, but also everybody else.

Will a boy ever fall in love with me? Will I get a good job? Will I ever be as perfect as the ones in television? Maybe… I guess it could happen or maybe not. At least I can’t end up being a crazy cat lady – I’m allergic. Then I try one more time to convince myself, that life isn’t going to be easy, but if I keep trying, it isn’t going to be that hard.

The bad days makes the good ones better right? So one bad compliment, will make the good ones a lot better!

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