Imagine - Med kendte

Hej! :)
Jeg laver imagine med kendte. Så hvis du vil have et imagine med en kendte skal i bare huske at skrive jeres navn og hvem i ville have med :)

Men jeg kender til de fleste Amerikanske og britiske kendte. Jeg kan også lave med youtuber. Jeg laver også med bands/grupper som fx. 5 Seconds Of Summer, The Vamps og One Direction :) Jeg laver også imagine med viner

Jeg kan ikke love at jeg kender alle kendte


15. Calum Hood - Engelsk

You’re lying in bed at about half past nine in the evening, completely home alone and a storm has just started. You roll over and plug your headphones in, trying your best to ignore the fact that the rain is coming down so hard that it’s almost shattering the glass in the window or the thunder that’s booming so loud you can feel it in your chest. 
You’d been scared of thunderstorms ever since you were a little kid, and now that you lived alone, you had no-one to take care of you, so all you could do was lie there and hope that it would all go away.

You’re just listening to a song by your favourite band when all of a sudden, it cuts out and your ringtone plays through your headphones instead. You grab your phone from underneath the covers and look at the caller ID.
You smile at your phone when you see Calum’s face pop up on it, and you swipe to answer it. 
“Hey, are you alright? I heard the storm and wanted to make sure that you were okay…” He seems a little unsure. 
“I’m not too bad, just glad I have you as a distraction,” this comes out in no more than a whisper with how scared you are. 
“Really? Cos you don’t sound too great at all…” 
“Calum, I’m absolutely petrified,” You tell him, your voice cracking. 
“Give me 10 minutes Ciara,” He replies and ends the call before you can stop him. 

You sit in bed whimpering. You shouldn’t be scared of storms by now, especially at your age, but it was a childhood fear that you knew you’d never get over. 
Just as Calum said, 10 minutes later, there’s a knock at the door. You pull your blankets from your bed and wrap them around yourself, before creeping downstairs and unlocking the door, to find Calum on the doorstep, drenched from the rain. 
“Calum, what are you doing here?” You ask, laughing at how cute he looks, wet from head to toe. 
“You said you were scared, I wanted to look after you,” He smiles, rearranging the beanie that’s sat on his head. 
“You’re so cute,” You look at him longingly, before reaching up on your tiptoes to kiss him. His damp face now wets yours too but you don’t care, he’s worth it. “Right, you need to go and change out of those while I go and make us both a drink,” you point to his clothes. 
“You sure you’ll be okay?” He kisses the top of your head. 
“Yes Cal, I’ll be fine,” you reassure him before running off to the kitchen to make two hot chocolates, whilst he changes into the spare clothes that he leaves at yours sometimes. 

Just as you are stirring the milk into your mug, Calum’s arms snake their way around your waist, and he moves your hair to the other side of your neck, burying his head into it.
“Are you okay now?” He asks. 
“I’m fine now that I have you,” you turn and smile at him as his hands now rest on your bum and you place yours on his chest, “Everything is perfect.”

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