"...Kun få mennesker vælger et evigt liv... Lov mig, LOV MIG, at du ikke er en af dem. Vi ved begge at det kan gå grueligt galt, vis vi ændre i historien...!"


1. ...Prolog...

Immortality isn't always the right way to go.

Sometimes you have to choose a mortal life, to achieve what you need.

The things you have to make sure, those dreams to become real.

The time is simply too fast for most people can follow.

Before you know it, you're taken away. Gone. Disappeared.

Drawn from afar, to rest in peace.


Followed shadows, indefinite period everythings being dark.

Sealed from the outside world.

You can't get past the big marble pillars.

You're locked up.

But at least a wonderful place, where there is only joy.

There are a lot of trees, colorful flowers and green, dewy grass glistens in the early morning sun.

Chocolate brown and leaf green everywhere.


Most will not take away from there.

They all think they have arrived in paradise.

However, some escape.

They are allowed to take on, down to earth where they once again are allowed to breathe for the first time.

In a new body, but with a soul that has lived several times before.

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