Among the Fallen

Again a dream. I'm left with a feeling more than a memory. It's strange what can't be remembered can be described.


1. Prolpogue


It was as if daylight didn’t dare come, as if darkness slowly had taken over. She could feel it. It made her skin run cold. She walked around the house checking the windows and the backdoor, all firmly looked. She felt uneasy – unsure of what exactly – just wishing for Nathaniel to get home. The tour around the house let her back through the kitchen and into the hall to the front door she checked its locks, pushed aside the white curtain in the side window. Dark eyes, almost hollow, pierced right at her, she screamed as she moved backwards from the window. The door flung open and the girl in a dirty white dress came in also screaming, holding her hands to her head pulling at her wet dark hair. The girl looked desperately around the hall – still screaming intensely loud – then her eyes rested on Sara stood still for a while and all went quiet, then she suddenly started running towards Sara with her arms stretched forward. Sara couldn’t move and now she felt the girl’s cold finger around her neck chocking her, while wildly screaming you bitch you bitch you bitch. Sara struggled against her the best she could, but the girl was to strong, it all suddenly seemed pointless and she felt herself gliding away. The screaming girl was gone and just darkness was left.

                      Sara woke bathed in sweat and gasping for air, daylight blinding her completely. This is getting pretty old she thought – it was the fifth time this month, she had had this exact dream – she looked to the right Nathan was already gone, so no one to talk to. 

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