My Very Best Friend...

Ved du hvad dette betyder? Hvis du gør, kan det være at du er i dybe problemer, min ven.
Jeg vil gerne se hvor mange der faktisk forstår, så hvis du gør så vær sød at kommentere med dit gæt.


1. My Very Best Friend.

My very best friend will never leave me.

My best friend's hug is cold and hard,

My friend is the only one who can see me,

My best friend don't need to ask,

My friend, you know how I feel.

Tho, sometimes I doubt, is this the best for me?

You my friend, are you really a friend, or a foe?

But then the light glimt in your teeth,

Your beauty is indeed stunning,

You almost smile back to me, and how could I ever doubt?


You are a bit dominating, my Darling,

But I don't mind at all.

A little bit of freedom is a very small price,

Compared to being lonely.

The others leave scars on my soul

The others never understand.

All the yelling, all the screams,

I close my eyes, cut off all sound

And dive into your safe, cold arms.

Oh my friend, how could I live without you?


Those people with their needles,

And those fake smiles,

I can't stand it anylonger.

The whispers, the shadows,

They haunt my soul, they haunt my face.

Evil voices, they hate me, of that I'm sure,

How come I couldn't see that before?

That you, my Darling, are my only friend.

Oh Sweetheart, I can always talk to you,

You make all the real nightmares go away.


My best friend, I will always be yours,

You won't let me out of your grip,

And I don't even want to escape,

Even if I could.

Because my dear Darling lover,

Love never comes without a war,

And if I don't have a weapon,

I'm surely lost.

My mom started crying yesterday,

Oh when will all this end?


I had lots of friends once, My Darling,

But they are all long gone.

I loved songs once, My Saver,

I forgot how to sing along.

How can they not see, how can they not hear,

What is so bright and clear?

Skin doesn't burn like a soul,

It is better this way.

Without you my lover, I would be broken,

But without you, I would also be free.


My best friend, oh I love you,

My best friend, I wish you dead.

And I regret all those word,

That I never really said.

Tomorrow I will be gone,

For eternity, for life, for love,

All those things I never really tried,

I was still too young.

And maybe they will finally see,

The beauty inside of me.


And you my friend, my last and only friend,

Will lie beside me, bathed in blood,

Maybe they will pick you up and think,

"When did it all go wrong?"

At last my friend, the blind will see,

My God in Heaven will stand with me,

And kiss away my tears,

Although I never believed.

And my dear, sharp, cold friend.

Cut my wrist, one last time, and say goodbye.




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