Afleveringer (Dansk og engelsk)

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  • Publiceret: 12 dec. 2012
  • Opdateret: 7 maj 2014
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Det her er en movella, som indeholder ALLE mine afleveringer, som jeg får fra 7. klasse og op efter. Jeg blander dem, så nogle gange vil der være nogle engelske og andre gange danske. Hvert kapitel vil indeholde en aflevering. Og hvis I skulle opdage en fejl, er I velkomne til at fortælle mig det.
Glem ikke at smide et like og en kommentar om hvad i syntes. Og tilføj også gerne som favorit :)


8. Dear Lizzie (Engelsk)

Dear Lizzie.

It was great to hear from you again.

I have a wonderful story to tell you about my new job:

Since last year, in the middle of June, I’ve been working in a bookstore. It's not a normal bookstore, but an antiquarian bookstore. It's the most wonderful place on Earth (seen through my eyes), and no matter how low the payment is, it will, hopefully, be the place where I'll be working many years ahead. The way I got the job was quite random.

I had had a bad day, and was on my way home from my former job, when a man bumped into me. He dropped all the books, he had in his arms, and they fell to the ground with a terrible noise of torn pages. I instinctively sat down on my knees, to help him collect all the books and torn pages.

I kept saying: “I’m sorry” and a tear ran down my cheek. And, as you know, I’m falling in love with every single book I read, so it was like my heart was torn out of my chest (just like the pages in the book). But the man saw the tear running down my cheek, and when he did that, he stopped collecting the books and torn pages. “Don’t cry. It wasn’t your fault,” he said. I didn’t know what to say, so I just kept collecting the books and torn pages. “I could use a man, who loves books.” He was started to collect the books and torn pages again. I thought about the sentence, and when I finally understood, what he was saying, I said: “Do you mean like a job? Or am I taking this in the wrong way?” He smiled to me and confirmed my first thought, and that was how I got the job of my dreams.

And the best part is, that I use every day in the bookstore - from the early morning to the late night. My two colleagues, Ben (the man I bumped into) and Jennifer (his wife), are the greatest people, I have known for a very long time. The decoration of the bookstore is amazing. There are quotes on the walls, and the shelves in the corners are put up, so it’s like walking in to a dead end in a labyrinth. In front of the desk, where we write the sells up, there is a table with some books with autographs from the author and some special editions of popular books.

So like it always has been – my big hobby is books.


Best regards



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