A True Love Story ~ One Shot ~ 1D

A story about real love!


1. A True Love Story

There was upon a time a little girl and a little boy, who sat beside each other in front a big tree. The little boy looks at the girl and thinking she looks very sweet.
‘’ What’s your name? ‘’ He asked and smiled charming to her.
The little girl beside him, look at him at him, like he was stupid.
‘’ Sorry, my parent tells me not to speak with strangers ‘’ She answer and look away from his deep hazel brown eyes.
‘’ Okay, my name is Liam. Now I’m not stranger for you! ‘’ Said the little boy exiting and got a big smile on his lips. The little girl’s cheeks felt warm in that moment and she smiled back to him.
‘’ My name is Alison ‘’ she said. The little boy took her hand and told her about his life and asked about hers.




There was upon a time a young boy and a young girl, who sat beside each other in front a big tree.
They held each other’s hands and talking about everything in this world, because they understand each other hundred percent and shared everything. They had been best friends sins they meets in front the tree for many years ago.
‘’ Alison? ‘’ He asked quite.
‘’ Liam? ‘’ she answer and smiled sweet to him.
The young boy took their intertwined hands up to he’s breast and look seriously at her.
‘’ You make me feel more than a friend normal do, you make me feel happy and warm inside. I think I’m in love with you ‘’ He said and got tomato red cheeks.
A big smile turned the girl's face, from normal to happy.
‘’ Oh, Liam ‘’ She said and get closer to him. He put he’s arms around her and kissed her chestnut colored hair.
‘’ Would you be my girlfriend, Alison? ‘’ He asked with a quiet voice and smiled awkward.
‘’ Yes ‘’ The young boy kissed her for real and whispered that he loves her.






There was upon a time a man and a women, who sat beside each other in front a big tree.
The woman was in the man's arms and watched the sunset with him.
The man's fingers caressed gently her arms, when he told her that she was so much prettier than the sunset.
It was just a month ago they stood beside each other in the church to their own weeding.
They had told each other that they’ll never stop loving and always protect each other, no matter what.

The women remembered how happy Liam looks, when he told the priest, that he’ll love to change Alison’s last name and make her life unforgettable and perfect.

‘’ Liam, there is something I need to tell you ‘’ Whispered the women and look up in his eyes.
The man smiled and took her hand. ‘’ What is it, Alison? ‘’ He asked gently.
The women got a bad felling in her stomach, when she saw her husband's expectant eyes.
‘’ I’m pregnant ‘’ She bit shy her lower lip and waiting for he’s reaction.
The man lights up in a happy smile an hug her.
‘’ Omg, that’s perfect! A mini-us! ‘’ He kissed her and heart how she whispered over and over again, that she loves him.





There was upon a time a man and a women, who sat beside each other, in front a big tree, with a little girl between them.
The man was making silly faces to the little brown haired with big green eyes.
‘’ Dad, you are so silly ‘’ She laugh and tried to push him away.
‘’ Your mom married me ‘’ He smiled to his little daughter and look at the women on the sly.
The women kissed their daughters hair ‘’ Why mom? He’s so silly? ‘’ Asked the daughter her mom. ‘’ Your father is so charming ‘’ She answer and got a kiss on her cheeks of her husband. ‘’ And your mom is so beautiful ‘’ He said and put he’s arms around them.





There was upon a time an old man and a young women, who sat beside each other,
in front a big tree.
They both stared at the tombstone with the name 'Alison' carved.
The old man put a beautiful rose in front the tombstone and look at he’s daughter, who said with tears in her eyes.
‘’ I miss her, dad ‘’ She cried.

The old man gave her a long hug and clapping her back.
‘’ I miss her too. I really do ‘’ He whispered and look into her beautiful green eyes.
She look alike her mom, especially with the eyes.
The old man had to bite he’s teeth hard together, for not crying too. 

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