Small Bump

You're just a small bump unborn, in four months you're brought to life,
You might be left with my hair, but you'll have your mother's eyes,
I'll hold your body in my hands, be as gentle as I can, but for now your scan of my unmade plans,
A small bump in four months, you're brought to life

Nina whispered "I love you. I always will. You must never forget that. You are my one true love, and I'll never find anyone like you. Ever. But this, this turned out as i should not have. And now it just hurts too much"

I just looked at her. Knowing that she was right, even though I wished more than anything she wasnt. But nothing ever turns out as you plan right? And we could've done nothing to stop what came to happen. It's not our fault we ended here.


3. 3. Sleepy Sundays

I woke up next morning by Ed's breath tickeling in my ear. I giggled a little to myself. Then i stood up. Our whole bedroom was a mess. And our clothes spread basically everywhere. I looked up. How in the world had my bra ended hanging from the lamp ? Well... I smiled a little as the memories from yesterday night came over me. We had been out partying with some of Ed's friends from the studio and Harry. We had gotten way too much... I looked back at Ed. He truly looked like an angel in sleep. I saw his eyelids move in dream. So peaceful. I slowly kissed his lips.


I went out in the kitchen. Ugh it was 11. Well not too bad. And it was Sunday. I called Harry and invited him for breakfast, but only got his answer machine. Haha he was properly totally hangovered in some random girl's bed. Well i then called Rob, "Morning"  he answered sleepy. "Hey Rob, fancy breakfast?"

He replied with a simple "Always. 20 min ?" "Sure" i answered. "Bring coffee please ? We have run out" "Course. Like i wanna see you without coffee after a wild night" he said laughing a little. "Thanks!" i said sweetly.


I couldnt be bothered to wash my hair, so I just quickly went under the water. It rang on the door just as i came out. It was properly just the paper. I still had 5 min before Rob came, and he was never early. I quickly swept a towel around my body and went out to open. In the door stood harry. His hair was messy and he was wearing the same clothes as he was yesterday. He looked like someone who hadnt slept at all, and was having the worst hangover ever. "Morning" he said sleepy. Then he saw what i was wearing. First he looked surprised and a bit shameful. Then a smile slowly appeared as he checked me out "HARRY!" "Sorry my dear. I brought croissants though. And coffee. For you" he winked again. What was with all that winking? "Bloody hell Harry my face is here!" I said as I pointed from my breasts to my face. My face was abseloutely pink. Just then Rob showed up in the door. "Hey harr... Ehh wow! Something I should know?" he said as he looked at me. As with harry his eyes went from my face with an appoving elevator look. "RUPERT ALEXANDER LLOYD GRINT AND HARRY WHAT-EVER-YOUR-MIDDLENAME-IS STYLES. STOP STARING!" "Calm down hun, you couldve fried eggs on you cheeks" Rob started laughing a lot by his own Harry Potter reference. That was when Ed showed up behind me. "Ehhh good morning guys.. Nina ?" then i stormed off into my room. My gods that was embarrising.


 I got some clothes on and went out to the boys again. They had put on music, and the tunes to One Direction was playing. Harry... "Rob why didnt you bring Emma?" "she has filming" he said barely understandable due to the entire croissant stuffed in his mouth. Ed pulled me over. "Morning beautiful" I blushed and kissed him gently. "I" Rob said as he sank "win" Harry just looked stunned at him. "How the fuck can you swallow a whole croissant without chewing once?" "Natural talent" Rob said "You owe me 10 pounds." He continued as he Drank the juice directly from the bottle. "Fuck you" Harry said as he pulled out the money and handed them over to rob. I was about to look around for my coffee, as Ed handed a Starbucks black coffee for my right hand and a Baresso black coffee for my left hand. "Don't worry. Here is your coffee. None of us felt like being killed this morning" Ed said with a smile. The radio was still playing One Direction, and I Would now came on. That song was nice. I kissed Ed again as I made sure just to put my coffee down so that I wouldnt spill. We were interrupted by Robs fake coughing "Hey we're still here! Get a room or let us join in?" he said while trying to keep a straight face. Ed just looked at him "I don't think Emma would appreciate that" he said with a wry smile. Rob stopped laughing "For the fucking last time. Em and I are JUST friends!" "I can see how close you are by all the sleepovers you always have" Ed was now laughing and I couldn't stop myself either. It wasn't as much to the joke as to the color of Rob's ears that had now turned the same color as his hair. "Eh I got to go. Forgot I have studio with the boys " Harry said quietly. Then he left without looking up. I Would ended, and was followed by a much slower song. Rob looked confused "What's his problem?" Ed just shook his head in confusement. "Well" rob said as he stuck another whole croissant into his mouth. "I gotta go" he rose from his chair. And waved at us before he left. I just looked stunned at Ed. He looked just as confused as I felt. Then something changed in his eyes. "Well miss Nesbitt. Now I finally have you all to myself, and since the amount of whisky and coke has deleted my memory, I will need a refreshment of what happened after the party" He winked like Harry. "Well Mr. Sheeran, I am not quite sure what you are talking about?" I said with a disordered look in my eyes. "I think you do sweetheart" Then he lifted me up on the table as if I didnt weigh more than a feather, and kissed me greedily. 



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