Small Bump

You're just a small bump unborn, in four months you're brought to life,
You might be left with my hair, but you'll have your mother's eyes,
I'll hold your body in my hands, be as gentle as I can, but for now your scan of my unmade plans,
A small bump in four months, you're brought to life

Nina whispered "I love you. I always will. You must never forget that. You are my one true love, and I'll never find anyone like you. Ever. But this, this turned out as i should not have. And now it just hurts too much"

I just looked at her. Knowing that she was right, even though I wished more than anything she wasnt. But nothing ever turns out as you plan right? And we could've done nothing to stop what came to happen. It's not our fault we ended here.


2. 2. The Koncert

"And the feeling I forget

Im in love now"

I was just staring up at him. He looked so beautiful. The stage was completely empty and it was just him, siding on a chair with his guitar. His angelic voice was not particularly loud, but still the whole audience of whole Wembley Arena was completely silent, just listening 

"Kiss me like you wanna be loved

Wanna be loved

Wanna be loved"

He send me a wry smile. My god it had been what? 3 months we had been together. And i was completely, utterly, desperately, madly in love with him. 

"This feels like I've fallen in love

Fallen in love 

Fallen in love"

I was just standing there as the rest of the song passed by. I had met Ed some months ago in a little sleazy bar in west Edinburgh. It was raining. And not just raining, we are talking true Scottish weather. So we had both sought in here to get away from the terrible weather. We ended up being caught in the bar due to the rain for several hours, where we basically just bonded over shots. He never told me that night he was famous, and I didn't connect the ginger in the seat next to me to the world famous musician. We just bonded and joked over our depressing situations, he wasn't even hitting on me, just being nice. I don't know if I fell in love with him that same night. I just know that, it was one of the best nights in my life. Three weeks after we were 'together'. 

Ed finished off the song 


"This feels like I've fallen in love

Fallen in love 

Fallen in love"

I screamed with everyone else. He was fantastic. "So if you don't mind, I brought some friends to help me sing the next song. I wrote it when I was about 17, and it's about the girl of my dreams, whom I had not though met at that point. I might have now though..." He winked... "But ladies and gents, lemme present One Direction!" I laughed as they appeared. I have met Harry since he is a good friend of Ed's, but not the rest. He seems like a nice fella. The accords to Little Things started playing and I just stared smiling like an idiot. 



After the concert I went to a little empty cafe nearby. The waitress looked rather pissed, maybe because she was working a friday night. I ordered a cup of coffee and took seat by the window. I waited for about an hour, and then I saw Ed coming from across the street. He had brought Harry. They had both been signing autographs, taken photos with fans etc. Hopefully gotten a shower. I smiled as they came in by the door. Ed looked around and as he saw me his face lit up. It gave me chills. Harry came over next to me while Ed ordered by the bar. "So how many pounds of Ed getting a coke and orange juice for me just because he knows I like apple better?" Harry asked me with a wry smile. I giggled. It sounded like Ed. A lot. "Where is Rubert?" Harry asked. "He texted me. He couldn't make it anyways.  "So where are the other boys?" I asked. "It's actually really weird how people always assume we are always together. I do have other friends you know, and it can be nice with some space sometimes. And we are not all stuck by the hip" He said it in a snobby voice and winked at me. I laughed again. He continued "I'm just kidding. I love them. A lot. Some party I think. Besides I cant imagine Niall giving anything but salat space." I laughed again. Harry was really funny, but I can imagine that even though he was kidding before it must be kind of terrible to be with the same 4 people all the time. Ed came over with a tray with our drinks on it. "For Harry because I know how much you love ORANGE juice" He handed over the juice to Harry. Harry sighed and rolled eyes. "You owe me a pound" he whispered only meant for me to hear. "For Nina, and yes 'darling', It is completely black" He handed over another cup of black coffee towards me, but pulled it back when I reached for it. "No kiss?" I laughed and leaned over the table to kiss him on his delicious cherry mouth. "C'mon guys! Get a room!" We chuckled as Harry winked again. We sat down with our drinks. Ed with his inevitable coke. "So was there any hot chicks backstage Harry?" I asked innocently. "Yeah but all they wanted to do was to touch my hair" Harry replied sadly. Ed exploded laughing in his coke. "I bet you had other ideas of what they should touch" 


We had been talking for houruntil they kicked us out of the cafe. The waitress wanted to go home. She didn't even bother flirting back to Harry as we left. "So where are you guys headed for?" Harry asked. "Well, I was thinkimg my place?" Ed said looking at me. I smiled "Yeah" Harry sighed."No details please.... I'll find some party to crash. Who can resist waking up with Harry Styles in the other side of the bed?"  Even though he tried to keep playful he looked rather sad. I didn't comment on it since it looked as if he was trying to hide it. We said goodbye and went in opposite directions. Us towards Ed's apartment. Harry towards a pumping bass, and drunk girls with too little clothes on. "I love you" Ed said. "I love you too."


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