Belieber og Justin<3

Nogle Beliebers elsker den <3


1. Model jobbet


Undskyld men de to første afsnit er på engelsk<3 Belieber and Justin #1 Your Are a Amazing model, and you Are also a very big Belieber. One day come your agent and say "we have a model job to you its with a very speciel person hes name is Justin Bieber and he shall make a new musicvideo to hes song Fall. You read what you shall do and you see that you shall kiss Justin in the end. You begin to scream and say that you will of course well. You are practicing their lines in the film it tomorrow. Now you're out on the set and will be churning ready to get a cute little dress And black high-heeled shoes. I begin with the footage and it takes a long time. But when in comes to the end where Justin is walking quite a to you close to you and sings i love you. And just about to kiss you, ending the video. But justin kiss you anyway and he can hardly stop again. You will be totally happy within in. Justin do anything that it comes with the video and make it last.
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