Belieber og Justin<3

Nogle Beliebers elsker den <3


2. Fall

Belieber and Justin #2
When the video was finished was you and others of Team Bieber and friends invited home for Justin to see the final video for Fall. You think it's really good and you're proud to be part of it. You want to do it again so you can kiss him again. Team Bieber think you're a really good model and actress so they have started and take you in almost all Justin's videos. It is you'

d really be happy. Justin and you have become very good friends. But Selena is not so good like you. She does not like you at all times along with Justin. But both you and Justin tries to tell her that there is nothing between you and Justin. You think that there probably are many girls who think it's cheating you have achieved so much in 18 years. You have been model you have had many modeling jobs, you've met many celebrities. You've been in many of Justin's music videos where you kiss him in almost all the videos. Some of your best friends are: Selena Gomez even though she is a little sour sometimes, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Carly rae Jepsen.
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