What life is about

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  • Publiceret: 23 nov. 2012
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This is four poems telling, what life is all about, and what it isn't about as well. | My english isn't the best, so I'd love to receive some criticism from you wonderful readers in the comments! :)


2. What love is about

What is love?


Love isn't about being sad

Love isn't about going mad


Crying while watching your father cry

Without even knowing why

The safety in the arms of your brother

The admiration of your mother


Love isn't about losing

Love isn't about choosing


The butterflies flapping around inside

Your eyes shining so blue and bright

His hand in yours and yours in his

Feeling like you know what infinity is


Love isn't about compromise

Love isn't about sacrifice


Human acting for selfless reasons

The change in the leaves for every season

Silence like in the darkest sea

Like it from the start was supposed to be


Love takes place in the innocent hearts

Love is the feeling of endless life

An art mastered by the few

The ones that are alive

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