What life is about

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  • Publiceret: 23 nov. 2012
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This is four poems telling, what life is all about, and what it isn't about as well. | My english isn't the best, so I'd love to receive some criticism from you wonderful readers in the comments! :)


4. What death is about

What is death?


Death isn't about being afraid

Death isn't at all too late


Finally feeling peace deep in your soul

To finally have reached the goal

Being in a world that you own

A world where you won't ever be alone


Death isn't about being gone

Death isn't about moving on


Death is just an extension of your life

You can't kill yourself with just a knife

The death is a magical thing

That will amazing experiences bring


Death isn't about not to exist

Death isn't about what you missed


When you die and hear the angels song

You got to know you must stay strong

You won't at all be forever gone

I promise your life will be everlasting long


Death is the longest travel of your life

The travel to where you came from

Hopefully now you will understand

That death is what comes before life


Death is life




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