What life is about

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  • Publiceret: 23 nov. 2012
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This is four poems telling, what life is all about, and what it isn't about as well. | My english isn't the best, so I'd love to receive some criticism from you wonderful readers in the comments! :)


3. What beauty is about


What is beauty?


Beauty isn't about being thin

Beauty isn't about clean skin


The love from a mother to her son

That she'd forever for him run

Her way of always protecting him

To save him she'd forever swim


Beauty isn't about big eyes

Beauty isn't about your size


The sunset by the sparkling sea

The birds flying above it so free

The forest in the silver moonlight

The silence in the darkest night


Beauty isn't about the makeup you wear

Beauty isn't about the colour of your hair


A happy smile on your angelface

That takes me to another place

Somewhere else where love's everything

Somewhere where it's always spring


Beauty is the untouched nature

Beauty is the endless love

Beauty is nothing but

The unsaid

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