Dette er bare en historie jeg har gået med i hovedet, så ville lige skrive den ned. Håber i kan liden :)


3. What should I feel??

You are lying in your bed in the late evening. You are looking at the celling, absented. You hear the raindrops on the roof. A little smile cross your face and a tear escapes from your eye. You get up, leaving him sleeping tight, and walk out from you room and open the big glass door in your kitchen, entering the garden. The rain gets heavier and you smile grows bigger. You slowly walk out in the pouring rain, lifting your arms high. Facing the falling raindrops. The raindrops crashing in to the grass and spatter on your legs. The smell of wet grass filled your nose. Raindrops soaking your thin dress. You spin around and around, enjoying the chilling rain. Thunder strikes further away and chills of exhilaration surrounds your body. You can almost feel the electricity from the lightning hitting the ground with amazing force. You start to laugh. It starts like a giggle, and suddenly it was a high free laughter that left your mouth. You felt so happy in this moment, but you know you have to leave it. And just as the thought cross your mind the rain suddenly stopped. You were left alone again, with just the sound of drops from leafs as company. Strong arms surround you and you turn around. Looking him in the eyes. He knew what had happened, and he drags you bag to the bed. You lay down next to him looking at the celling, absented and another tear escapes your eyes...

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