Dette er bare en historie jeg har gået med i hovedet, så ville lige skrive den ned. Håber i kan liden :)


1. The Bridge

So here I am. Standing on a bridge. “How did you end here?” you may ask. And I can reply “I have no idea”. The only thing I’m completely sure about is that I deserve to fall. I deserve to let go of the bridge side and fall down to the raging water below. My fingers were like small ice taps. The drizzle cooled me down slowly, and small tears streamed down my cheeks. I leant forward and the wind started to grab hold of my clothes.

One finger at the time let go of the bridge and my body got closer to the water.

I could hear the water below, almost screaming for me. It greeted me welcome. It sounded promising, and just like a blessing. It was the sound of a new chance, but also the sound of loneliness for me. I had nothing.

Another finger let go. Now 7 fingers held me up.

Luckily there where no one on the bridge, so I could do this by myself. I tried to remember why I was standing here. I think it was because of my family. I have never met my mom, ‘cause she died a few hours after I was born. Ever since, my father has blamed me for her death. He meant that I was course of her death. That I was a monster that brings nothing but terror and death with her. That’s why he left me at a children home when I was 10 years old. I have been there ever since. I am 16 now. And you may think that it’s easy to grow up in a children home, but trust me it’s not. I have gotten no education, no proper food and no proper clothes. I have spent 6 years of my sucky life and it hasn’t been a dance on roses. It was really brutal. Everyone had to fight for everything. The only thing that had kept in the “game” of fighting for stuff I wanted at the children home was “that boy”.

Another finger let go. Now 6 fingers held me up.

The wind got stronger and my body waved. That boy had been outside in the forest near the children home. I love to go out in the forest. It was the only place where I could be myself, and the only places I could cry. The first time I saw him, was when I had been in a fight with another girl. I just needed some time alone in the forest, but of course I couldn’t have it my way. ‘Cause this random boy came up to me and asked me why was in here. Ever since we have had these weird meetings, but we became something, normal people, would call friends. But anyway I couldn’t do I anymore. I had tried to find my father, but when I contacted him he had already found a new wife, and got 4 very spoiled kids. He had smashed the door right in my face.

This time 2 fingers let go of the bridge. Only 4 fingers held me up now.

My fingers started to hurt, and soon they would let go and all of my miseries would be gone.
I would be happy again, if I had ever been happy. The rain got more powerful, and all my clothes got totally wet and heavy. My fingers couldn’t hold me anymore and closed my eyes. I could hear footsteps behind me.

I fell.

None of my fingers held me up on the bridge and the last thing I heard before I hid the water was a scream from a boy.
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