The picture

En pige to drenge, hvem skal hun vælge.

Du har enelig fået den fyr du gerne vil have, men så en dag går din drøm i opfyldelse what to do now??


4. The idiot


I opened my computer and go to Justin's facebook page and i saw he posted another thing about me and this time he wrote " ok so I was looking for stuff about my #OneLessLonelyGirl and guess what found her personal name it's Caitlyn.  
i'm gonna find you shawty"
I just couldn't stand it anymore I didn't know what to do, I saw many Beliebers changing their name to my name, so maybe Justin will notice them.
I told myself that this thing will never happen with Justin and                      I have to get it into my head.
I called my crush and I was talking about the night I had and how fun it was then he told me that he saw my picture online and that Justin Bieber is looking for me.
I told him yes I saw but that will never happen what are the chances Justin will find me and we will be together?
he: so you had thought about it what now you love both of us?
I tried to explain him that I don't love Justin and I never even met him.
and he says you do love him you are a BELIEBER everybody knows.
you: you Just being an idiot right now bye.

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