The picture

En pige to drenge, hvem skal hun vælge.

Du har enelig fået den fyr du gerne vil have, men så en dag går din drøm i opfyldelse what to do now??


5. I love You


I felt like crap not knowing what my feelings are, I thought I was going to be with my crush finally but he was acting stupid because he doesn't respect Justin.
so I just sat at my room trying to think then i saw Justin posted another status saying " just found what's Caitlyn's home town is and i'm coming there to find you be ready"
I just couldn't believe

 Justin is finding all of these stuff about Me and it might really happen.
*after one week*
I meet my crush at school he told me that we need to talk.
I didn't really want to but, I knew I had to clear things up.
I went to talk with him and he told me he is sorry for what he said about Justin and he knows he was an idiot.
I said I was sorry for getting so mad and that I forgive him
he: look caitlyn I really really like you.
you: I like you to
he: no I mean more than this... I love you

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