The picture

En pige to drenge, hvem skal hun vælge.

Du har enelig fået den fyr du gerne vil have, men så en dag går din drøm i opfyldelse what to do now??


7. Can't find You


I were just standing there freezing, couldn't believe tomorrow I might meet Justin but now I have a boyfriend!
My boyfriend didn't understand what's going on and I didn't want him to know so I just said I got to go and I ran to my house.
At my house I put some of Justin's music and asking myself how is this happening to me and why?
I just couldn't  understand what good thing is going to get out of this.
*one day later*
everybody in my town just wanted to meet Justin but I still didn't know if I want, I thought it will make everything just harder.
so I just went to school like it's just another day but Justin had found me he came to my school looking all over for me.

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