The picture

En pige to drenge, hvem skal hun vælge.

Du har enelig fået den fyr du gerne vil have, men så en dag går din drøm i opfyldelse what to do now??


2. At home

I clicked on Justin's picture to see what's going on I saw he wrote " looking for my #OneLessLonelyGirl help me if you know her"
I looked on the comments and I saw all the beliebers commenting it's themselves.
I felt like I was in a dream where my idol is looking for me.
I felt like this is so cool and I wish he will find me one day, but he sure won't because all of the girls telling him it's them I still commented, just to know that I where doing my best to meet him.
then I get a text from my crush "I will pick you up at 9pm for our date be ready"
I didn't know what to do to go with my crush or to "believe" Justin will find me.
so I called my best friend so she will give me an advice.

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