The picture

En pige to drenge, hvem skal hun vælge.

Du har enelig fået den fyr du gerne vil have, men så en dag går din drøm i opfyldelse what to do now??


14. As long a you love me


Me: that sound beautiful and I hope you are my one cause now I feel like you are
Justin : kissed me and say what do you say about going to the place where I found the picture?  

Justin: You and I alone.
Me: I would love to<3
*a day alter*  Justin took me to the place where he found the picture it was on the beach.
we where both walking down on the beach and then we got to a quite place with a blanket on the sand and some food.
we both sat and he told me do you believe here I found you?
I will never forget this place *kisses you* 
and take you to the water,
we both got in to the water having some fun with each other it started to be late and I went out to dry myself. we both sat next to each other I put my head on his shoulder and we watched the sunset together.
Justin: turned to me  and told me how much he loves me and he finally feels his life completed
and I told him how happy I was that he found me.
and then he told me "As long as you love me<3"

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