My destiny.♥

Hvordan kommer Melanies nye forhold med James til at gå? Er han til at stole på? Og er han overhovedet den rigtige for Melanie? Hvad sker der med Melanies liv? og Hvem er hun egentlig?


2. Status: In Relationship...♥

''Omg, are you serious?'' I said while laughing at Jacks ''happy dance''. He was so happy because I said yes to be his girlfriend. He's dance doesn't really look like a dance, but that just makes it super cute. After a couple of minutes, I say: ''Okay, I think I got it. You can stop dancing now''. I was literally laughing so hard, that it was difficult to stop. Finally he stopped and let his body fall down beside me, on the bed. Jack was now on top of me. Our eyes met. Never before in my life, have I seen so beautiful clear brown eyes, as Jacks. I gave him a cute loving smile. Our noses slowly touched each other and our lips met. A kiss filled with love & passion. Such a soft, romantic, loving kiss. After a minute or two our lips slowly let go again. Now we were just looking at each other, with a look of love. ''You’re heavy'' I said, and started laughing. Jack rolled of me, laughing, and asked if he should take that as a compliment. I laughed and nodded. Now we are just laying on the bed, talking about, basically everything.


After a while I got out of the bed and walked down, towards the kitchen. ''Are you coming, or what?'' I shouted after jack. He came running, and hugged me from behind. I almost fell. I gave him a quick kiss and then continued walking to the kitchen. I opened the fridge, to look if we got anything special we could eat. I'm eating all the time... lol... I took out some spaghetti from yesterday, and warmed it in to microwave. We placed us in the couch with the spaghetti. We laughed and talked so much, that we almost forgot to eat. Jack is so cute, and charming. I feel all lucky to have him as my boyfriend. He gives me that amazing smile all the time. 

Jack stayed the whole day and he's also gonna stay the night over. He met my parents, and they really seems to like him. That warms my heart. After dinner we all sat in the the living room and talked, etc. The time flies away, and suddenly it was time to get to sleep. We have school tomorrow. We went up to my room, and got ready to go to bed. Jack was already in bed, when i got out from the bathroom. I smiled to him, and lay down by his side. I lay my head on his arm, and put my body close to his. I turned my head and gave him a little goodnight kiss. Soon I was sleeping in his warm safe arms.

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