it hurts


1. it hurts

Dear little girl heart

plz dont fall again

Dear little girl heart

begging, dont begin


When it stoped beating ,i felt  it startet bleeding

And i dont know what what to do ,sense the day  that i saw you

When i saw that your love was never mine, never for me

Then my heart skiped a beat, and i forgot just how to ne


and its beating, its beating is beating out my little chest

mabye its okay just not to be, sometimes i think that its the best


So listen dear little girl heart

does it really need to hurt?

Listen dear little girl heart

of my pain has noone heard


But it feels like a tiny tiny person, is sitting in my barin

And its telling me, that its myself  who is causing all this pain


So i close my eyes, i fell the beat  and i know that i'll get through

I feel the life from head to feet ,but i die when i look at you

It hurts when you love someone who dosent love you back, but what really hurts the most, is when that person ... is loving someone else.




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