Niall Imagine.


1. Niall imagine.

Niall Horan imagine. Part 1.

It all stared a month ago….

I was dating Niall and everything went good, until someone screwed it all:

“Ok, should I pick the red or pink dress?” I asked. I stared into Niall crystal blue eyes.

“The red one.” Niall said and winked to me. He was wearing beige chinos and a white polo shirt.

I laughed and walked to the restroom. Niall was the cutest boy in the world and the best boyfriend I ever had.

While I was in the restroom changing, I could hear Niall singing “Lego House - Ed Sheeran” ( I could hear how he tapped his foot to the rythem, then the tapping stopped. He was still singing, but he was walking. Twards me. “I`m out of touch. I`m out of love. I`ll pick you up when you`re getting down…” He sounded like an angel. 

The door opened slowly and his face came trough the door. “And out of all these things I`ve done, I think I love you better now.” His breath was now against my neck. He pulls up my zipper, then he spins me around, facing him. “I love you (Y/N). You are my last and only love.” and then he kissed me passionaly on my lips. He hold me close, holding me by the waistlines. He lifted me up a bit, so that I was standing on his feet. He then slowly pulled away, looking straight into my eyes. “I can`t believe I am inlove with a leprechaun.” I said, before I gave him peck on the lips before I pushed him out the door.

After 45 more minutes, we where both ready to leave and meet the boys and there gf`s. We got in the car and started driving. Niall had always felt like he needed to keep a hand on me, so for the intire ride, our hand were locked together. I love his touch.

We got to the resturant 10 minutes later, and all of them were there. We got in and got our table, Niall still had me close. I love how protective he is. Duringthe dinner, some papparazzie showed up, but I kept noticing that Liam was reguarly staring at me. “(Y/N), can I talk to you for a secound?” It was Liam. “Ehh.. Yeah. Sure.” He lead me outside. It was so cold out there, so I hoped he would not be long.

Without any warning, he kissed me. He held me tight to his body, so tight that I could not move. He slowly pulled away, looking at me. What just happend, was something I would havenever seen coming. I didn`t know what to do, we just stood there, staring at eachother. Like total strangers. And Liam? I would never had expected Liam to do someting like that.

“Danielle..” he suddenly said, looking behind me. I slowly turned around, and saw Danielle, Niall and Harry standing in the doorway. Niall`s eyes began to water, before he stormed off. I started running after him. “Niall!” 

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