Niall Imagine.


9. 9

Niall Horan imagine. Part 9

I knew on the look of Niall`s face that he was excited about what I was going to say. I just prayed to God that he would maybe agree. 
“I defiantly want a child. But I am not ready right now.” His face dropped a little. 
“No, Niall. Not like that. I am just saying that I want to wait a little, not that I don`t want to have kids. I am sorry…” I felt so bad. He saw how upset his face expiration made me, and he rushed over the table. 
“(Y/N), don`t be sorry! I just thought that you were going to say that you wanted one now, but of course we can wait. I love you, and this is nothing important right here and now. We can get an abortion when we get home and when we know that we are ready, we can try again. Okay?” His eyes were attached to mine and he smiled his adorable smile, showing his braces. He was so perfect. 
“Thank you Niall. Thank you for understanding.  I love you so much!” He smiled and gave me a chick peck on the lips before sitting back down on the other side of the table.

We had an amazing dinner but when we were leaving, some paparazzi showed up from nowhere. 
“Are you two having a child?”
“(Y/N), why are you not ready to have a child? You don`t love him?”
“Did you have you r first time together last night?”
And the questions kept coming. They had overheard our whole conversation!    
“I can`t do this.” I said and ran off to the hotel. Niall was let alone with the reporters. 
“Get the fuck out of my way!” He yelled to the paparazzi. 
“(Y/N)!” I tried to run from him, I did not want him to see me cry right now. But running was a bad idea. Not only did it look like I dumped Niall, but he was so much faster than me, so he got to me right away. 
“(Y/N). I am so sorry.” He held me by the waist line, close to him. 
“I am so sorry, Niall! I destroyed your life! Now everyone will think of me as a careless bitch who don`t love her boyfriend enough to have his child! I am sorry! “Tears where running uncontrollably out of my red shot eyes. 
“Don`t say things like that, (Y/N)… You are the most amazing thing ever! Who cares about what they think? What that matters are the truth, and those guys, are not willing to deliver it. Trust me!”

The days went on day by day and Niall constantly reminded me that he loved me. I felt so safe and secure. On the airport on our way home, I had a brainstorming about our holiday.
We had been swimming a lot, parasailing, and had a lot of “night fun”. It had been the most amazing vacation. 
As we sat and waited for our plane to arrive, Niall was in the phone with a doctor who could take an abortion. 
“Yes, doctor Sullivan. As soon as possible.” Those words got to me. Me and Niall had managed to do something that most people are not even able to do, and now I was going to let some doctor take that away from me?
I grabbed Niall`s phone. 
“Please forget everything you heard. We changed our mind! Thank you.” Then I hung up and looked over at a confused Niall.

“What was that for? You didn`t want that doctor?” He sounded a little annoyed.
“It is not about the doctor, Niall.”
“Then what is it?”
“I kind of changed my mind. I mean, we got an opportunity that most people don’t even get to experience and I don`t want to trough away maybe our only chance.”
He looked so shocked and the annoyed excretion was all gone.
“Is this something you want, or are you thinking about what those paparazzo`s said?”
“Niall, I want this. Hearing what you said to the doctor sent shivers down my spine, and not the good kind… I want this. If you still do?”
He smiled bigger then I had ever seen. He picked me up and spun me around. He kissed me over and over again as he slowly put me down. Then he got down on his knees, and put his hands on my still flat stomach and placed his lips right in front of it.
“Hi there, it is your father. Can`t wait to see you.”

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