Niall Imagine.


8. 8

Niall Horan imagine. Part 8

Was I pregnant? I was not ready to have a baby. I mean, it was impossible; Niall used protection. I think. Oh my god, what if I really was pregnant?!  
“(Y/N), are you okay?” Niall got to my side and rubbed my back smoothly.   
“Can we go back?” I wanted to know before we made a big deal about it. 
“(Y/N), are you alright?! You need to tell me!” He sounded worried. 
“I will tell you, just please get me back to the hotel.”
He didn`t quite understand, but being the caring man that he is, me lifted me up and carried me back to the hotel.

I ran by a drugstore to get a pregnancy test, but did not show Niall what I had bought. 
We got in to the hotel room and I ran straight to the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet and read on the package. Pee on it, and then wait five minutes. It did as the box told me to and waited five minutes. Five minutes passes and Niall constantly banged on the door so that I would let him in. 
“Sweetie, you got to let me in! I am your fiancé, you can tell me anything! Sweetie?” All of his talking made it hart do think. But what that showed up on the test really made my brain think. Two bars. Two bars meant pregnant. Oh my god. 
“(Y/N) let me in!!” He sounded so scared.  I grabbed the positive test and walked out the door. Niall was red in his face and approached me with a tight hug right away. 
“Are you okay?” he whispered in my right ear. I handed him the test. He looked at it and froze. 
“What do two bars mean?” I looked him in his eyes and he understood what it meant. He froze.

“Remember (Y/N), we don`t need to go through with this if we are not ready.” Niall tried to calm my crying, but I was in shock. My first time ended up being something I wasn`t ready for. 
“I am so sorry! I didn`t meant for this to happen! Not at all! I guess I just was so focused on making your first time, the best time, so I guess I forgot to use protection. I am so sorry!” A tear escaped his eye. I kissed it away. 
“It`s okay. We will figure it out. We just have to think.” I was so scared. I mean, I was eighteen years old; I was not sure what wanted to do with my life. But whatever I decided to do, I wanted to do it with the boy that was standing in front of me.

The rest of the day, we stayed at the hotel. Either we went for a swim in the pool, relaxed in our room or threw up in the toilet, Niall didn`t leave my side. He knew how much I needed him now. 
We got dressed and went out for dinner. He took me to a nice restaurant by the sea. It was such a beautiful view. I had thought a lot about our situation. We were engaged, he wanted kids, and it would not ruin his career. But was I ready? 
“Niall, I have thought about our situation. I know what I want.”

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