Niall Imagine.


7. 7

Niall Horan imagine. Part 7

My panties fell to the floor as Niall placed himself on top of me. His body was so warm and it turned me on, big time. He kissed me on the lips, removing his boxers, not leaving my lips for a second. He was already hard. He pulled away from the kiss and looked me straight in the eyes. 
“Are you sure you want to do this?” His voice was filled with lust. His crystal blue eyes where almost all black. And the only thing I could think about was having him inside me. I had always wanted to wait with it, but it felt so right with Niall. He was special. 
“I am sure.” I wrapped my hands around his neck. He breathed out one last time, before pushing all of him inside me. It was an amazing mix of pain and pleasure. The size of him was so much; a tear of pleasure escaped my eye.

“Oh my god (Y/N), am I hurting you?”  He sounded so worried and he instantly stopped. 
“You are not hurting me, please don’t stop!” He chuckled a little and then started thrusting again. He moaned my name over and over again and I could feel my stomach tighten and myself getting closer. 
“Come for me baby!” He breathed in to my neck. We both came at the same time and he collapsed on top of me. It was now official; Niall and I were totally serious. “I love you (Y/N):” I fell asleep on his chest with his arms wrapped around me.

The next morning I woke up of someone touching my hair. I opened my eyes to find Niall stroking my hair back. 
“Good morning, love. How did you sleep?” He kissed my forehead. 
“The best.” He leaned in to kiss me, and it gave me a flashback to last night. I actually did it. I don`t know what I was so afraid for. He was so gentle and sweet and I couldn`t imagine doing it with someone else. I was now a happy camper.

We got up and made some breakfast. We ate on the veranda before we got our swimming wear on and headed for the beach. He was wearing a blue Vans shorts and I were wearing a white bikini with brown straps.  
The water was so warm and it felt good to be on holiday right now. I went out first and Niall stood on the beach. 
“Come on Niall, the water is amazing.”
“I am not sure…” he seemed a little scared, but I knew that he wasn`t afraid of the water.
I walked up to him, took his hand and leaded him closer to the water. Then he let go of my hand and lifted me up bridal style and starting running out in the water.

“I can`t believe I am in love with a leprechaun!” I said giving him a kiss, him still holding me. 
“I love you, (Y/N) Horan. Can`t wait for that to be your real name. It sounds so good.” He chuckled and put me down in the water. He could stand there, but it was too deep for me, so I went right under. He instantly grabbed me by the waist and placed me around his hips. 
“Sorry sweetie. Looks like you will have to stay here.”
“I think I can live with that.” 
We were just talking and kissing (a lot). After a while, we got up and went to our room to change. We changed and went out. It was 32 degrees Celsius and there were no clouds to be seen. It was the most perfect day ever. We sat down at the cutest little cafe by the beach when I suddenly threw up. But I did not feel sick. Something was not right. Could I be? No, that`s impossible. Or was it?

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