Niall Imagine.


5. 5

Niall Horan imagine. Part 5

”NIALL?! Omg, are you alright?” I was totally freaking out! I didn`t know what to do, I was all alone in his flat. Tears where running down my face as I tried to get hip up. 
“Hahahahaha!!! Omg, you should have seen your face! You are so sweet, baby!” Was he just faking it?
“Niall, that is so not funny and so inappropriate!! Omg! What were you thinking?! You almost scared me to death! “I said while sitting down on the floor, crying. 
“I didn`t mean to make you cry (Y/N), the plan was actually to make you feel how I felt when I heard that you were on your way to the hospital. But I never meant to make you feel scared. I am sorry, baby!” He said while hugging me tight to his chest. I could hear his heart beet, along with his breath. 
 “Is something cooking?” I asked, sniffing into the thin air that suddenly smelled like something burned. 
“The cake!” Niall ran into the kitchen to get the cake. I was left on the floor, laughing. He was so adorable. I got off the ground and went to see what had happened to the cake. When I got there, Niall were turning off the oven and the black cake was lying on the counter. 
“We are not very good at this…” he said.

We decided to go for a night walk around London. We got our shoes and jackets on and went out the door.  We walked around talking and laughing for a while, until we got stopped by some fans. We where both quite shocked to get couth by fans at this hour, but we said hello to them and Niall took some pictures and signed some autographs for them. While he was taking a picture with a cute, young girl, all the other girls came over to me. 
“You are so ugly!”
“Niall deserves someone better than an admitted whore!”
“Why can`t you just go and kill yourself? No one will miss you!”
All of these comments were so much. And they came from small school girls. A tear escaped my eye, something that made me look a little weak.

Niall overheard what they were saying and came to the rescue.   
“What is wrong with you? How can you say that to her?” All the girls looked quite scared. 
“And you call yourself Directioner? If you can`t except me and (Y/N) then you can just leave us alone!” He was now yelling. He grabbed my hand. “Come on, sweetie” He said and leaded me away from them.

When they were out sight, he stopped and looked at me. His eyes were filled with anger, but then they turned into sorrow.  
“I am so sorry (Y/N). Please don`t believe anything they say. They are just some stupid girls that are jealous about your looks.” He cupped my cheeks with his hands and leaned in for a deep kiss. His lips were warm and soft, like always. I love him.
Niall pulled away, and looked at me. “Let`s just leave.”  


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