Niall Imagine.


20. 20

Niall Horan imagine. Part 20

He took my hand and leaded me to the backyard. Before we walked he blind folded me, so I did not see where we really were going. I heard the sound of waves, something that seemed so weird, considering we lived in the middle of London. 

“Hun, where are you taking me?” I said and just then, he removed the fold. We did not have a big back yard, but he managed to make it breathtaking. The yard was filled with flowers and sun chairs. It was all so nice, but I did not really understand why he had put it all in the garden. The summers in London are not really the hottest ones. 

“Niall, what is all this?” I asked after taking a good look at it all.

“(Y/N), we are going on a holiday!” Was he for real? I could not stop smiling of the thought, but what about the kids? 

“Really? Oh my god!” 

“Yes, for real. We are going to Bali!” He said and smiled just as big as me.

“Oh my god! Bali?” I asked. He was so happy about it and he looked so happy with me being happy, and I did not want to seem like a dull person bringing up the kids and what we would do with the, now that he was so happy.

“And don’t worry about the kids. I have already talked to my mom, and she will fly down here and take care of our two angels.” He had thought of everything. He was so amazing; I could almost not believe it.


We had an amazing dinner made by Niall later that day, and he told me a little more about what we were going to do. We were leaving in four days, and would be there for a week and a half. After all of my thoughts of not being ready to leave the kids had just despaired. Now that I knew Niall’s mom would stay here with them made me relax. My babies would be in good arms.


Three days went past and his mom showed up. Niall and I were leaving super early in the morning so she would stay the night. 

We talked with her and told her everything she would maybe need to remember and before we knew it, our bags were packed and sat in the living room and we all went to bed. Niall’s mom went to the guest room and me and Niall went to bed after saying goodbye to the twins. It was harder then I imagined. 

That night, Niall sang me to sleep while playing with my hair. 


*BEP* *BEP* *BEP* I turned off the alarm. That thing had always been my worst enemy. And amazingly enough, Niall did not wake up of the sound of the devil, so I did something that would wake him up. I sat on top of his stomach, giving him light kisses on the chest. He eventually woke up and quickly gave me a hug. 

“Hey there beautiful.” He said. I lay down on his chest.

“Hello.” I said and lifted my head so that my eyes met his.

“God, you are so beautiful.” He said and took a piece of hair and put it behind my ear. 


We got up, trying not to make too much sound, and after about an hour we were out of the door and on our way to the Liverpool train station. We took the train to Stansted and got on the plane to Bali. It was a huge plane and the flight took sixteen hours. Me, not really loving planes, did not really look forward to the plane ride, but Niall said he would hold my hand all the way. Once a gentleman, always a gentleman.


After four hours in the air, I god sick of it. It was not bad, not at all. I keen we sat first class and everything was perfect, but it was so boring just sitting there. Me and Niall watched so many movies and I Skyped with Eleanor, and then we both fell asleep, waking up to the lady on the speaker, saying that we had landed. 

We got off the plane and as quickly as possible out of the airport. It was so hot! Both I and Niall were wearing way too much clothes. 

As we got to our hotel, we got a key and we took the elevator to the 21st floor.  

As we got inside, the room was huge and the bed was filled with rose pedals. And with the strong afternoon sun shining through the window, it looked like heaven in Bali. 


While Niall went over the street of the hotel to get some water, I laid down on the bed with the air condition on full. As I laid there I heard the key was plugged in and in comes Niall. Of course he did not only buy water, he had two white bags in his hands and the cheekiest grin on his face. 
“I got hungry.” He said as he put his phone and wallet on the small glass table by the door and sat the bags in the kitchen. He got back to the bedroom with a large bottle of water and two beers in his hands. He lay down beside me and handed me the bottle of water. I drank a little and Niall laid one hand on my upper arm. 
“What?” I said and kissed him on the cheek. 
“Nothing, I am just admiring you. I can`t believe we have gotten this far. Just think about it, we are both nineteen years old and we are married and have the world’s most beautiful children. Two years ago I did not even imagine I would ever get a girlfriend, and now I am married to the most perfect person in the whole wide world. I love you so much (Y/N).” He said and wiped the single tear that had fallen from my eye. I leaned in and kissed his tenderly. A small kiss suddenly turned out as a full make-out session.


Niall had his one hand on my inner thigh and the other one beside my head, keeping him up. Niall broke the kiss and took off his shirt along with mine. The kiss went on and his hand slipped inside my jeans and making circles at my clit. Hi slipped two of his long fingers inside me without any warning. I let out moans that drove Niall crazy. 
“Louder babe! Let me hear what you think of it!” He said in my ear. I let out a loud moan and dug my nails in his arm. Niall removed his hand just when I was about to cum. I looked up at him with a “what-the-fuck” look. He just smirked and said; “I want to be in you.” before he removed his and my jeans along with my panties. I leaned back down and kissed me deeply. In the corner of my eye I saw his underwear was thrown at the floor. In a matter of seconds I felt his hardness against my entrance. He showed all of him inside me. The size of him was overwhelming; he let me adjust to him before starting pumping in and out of me. I let out loud moans every time he hit my g-spot and he responded by going faster. 
“Oh fuck! Fuck I am so close!” He yelled right before I felt his warm liquid inside me and my name was screamed out of his lungs. Right after my walls tightened and I arched my back as I orgasm.

Niall lay down beside me, breathing heavy. We both got down from our heights and he turned over, facing me. 
“I love you so much babe.” He said and kissed me lightly. 
“I love you too” I said and we got dressed again, a little lighter this time and went out for dinner. Niall held my hand all the time and tight when anyone walked past to show that I was his. He was the most perfect guy in the world and I could not imagine being with anyone else.

As we sat in a nice restaurant on the beach, I suddenly felt so far away from home. It seemed all so unreal until Niall took my left hand and took of my wedding ring. I looked at him as he read what was engraved on the inside. “Ever me, every you, ever us two.”
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