Niall Imagine.


2. 2

Niall Horan imagine. Part 2.

This was pure torture. Not only did it hurt me deep down, knowing that the love of my life just saw me kissing Liam, but storming after him in 15 cm high heels made this hurt a little more.

Niall kept running, but then he slowed down, and sat down an the bare ground, with his head in his hands. “Niall..” I said as I sat down infront of him. He was crying, but hid his face so that I could not see his tears.

“Niall, I am so extremly sorry. I know this may sound very cheesy, but I do not know what happend.” He still didn`t look at me, but he removed his hands from his face. Now I saw the pain in his eyes. “You have to believe me Niall! I love you..” now my eyes where getting watery. 

We sat like that for a little while, not touching eachother. Slowly he got up and wiped away his tears from his cheek. “Go back to the others.” he said coldly. “Niall..” “(Y/N), just, go. Please.” he said again. It broke my heart. He had never asked me to leave, h ealways begged me to stay. I felt one more tear running down my cheek as I turned around, walking back to the resturant. What had I done? 

When I got back to the resturant, I saw Danielle and Eleanor sitting outside. Danielle was crying and Eleanor looked like she didn`t know what to do. Then I saw Liam. He was standing on the parkinglot with the others. Arguing. I walked over to them to talk to Liam, but the closer I got to him, the more I wanted to scream in his face. I got up by them, and didn`t even think before I approched him.

“What the hell was that?! You distroyed my relationchip! What is worng with you?!” tears where running down my face again. Then Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me away. As soon thay where out of site, I let everything out. I cryed so hard that I was shaking. Harry took me in his arms and held me close. “Shh.. Everything will be okay.” He said solftly while rubbing my back up and down.

Harry told me that I could stay at his pleace for a whille, since I lived with Niall. I agreed, and then we drove of to his apartment. My face was numb, and my eyes swollen when we got to his flat. I fell asleep on his couch with tears in my eyes.

Tree weeks later:

“(Y/N)!! You used all the towels! There is no one left!” Harry yelled after taking a long shower after a long day in the studio with the boys. Harry had let me stay ever since what happend, and we where getting really close. Not relationship close, but very close friend. “Sorry, Haz!”

Tree weeks had now passed since I had talked to Niall. I didn`t know that it was possible to miss and love someone this much at the same time. Harry and Zayn had been over at his flat to get all my things adn Liam had talked to me and apoligized a million times for what he did. He said that he just wanted to know how it felt to have me on his lips. Personaly, I didn`t think that that was a good enough, since that broke my heart, but I told him that it was okay and that I forgive him.

I where online, just to catch up on the world and what that had happend in it. I had not been online those tree weeks. I had just locked myself out from the real world, and dreamt about what could have been in another world. With Niall.. I went on Facebook, alot of comments. Some good and some bad. I tought about it for a while, but I decided to do it. So i typed away. “Niall Horan”. Almost nothing new had happend, exept from a link from some girl. I didn`t want to press it, but I missed him like crazy, and wanted to know he was up to. So I pressed it. I souldn`t had done that.

What popped up on the screen, sent my heart to the gallow. It was a picture of Niall and that girl that posted the link on his page. They where kissing. I amedeantly started crying my heart out. Had he really moved on? I turned of the pc, and wiped my tears. This was it. Now, there where absolutly no reason to live anymore. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a sharp knife. The mascara where running down my face as I placed the knife ontop of the thin skin on my wrist. I didn`t want to die like this, but it seemed like the only way now. Harry where in his room fixing his hear, so he wouldn`t notice until it was too late to do something. 

I slowly dragged the knife along one wane on my left arm, and the red, thick blood was streaming between my fingers. I had my phone in my hand, because I had read a note on it that said why I did what I did, so that they would know, but then someone called. The number was blocked, but I took it, knowing that it would be the last person I talked to.

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