Niall Imagine.


19. 19

Niall Horan imagine. Part 19

The room that was just a newly painted, empty room were now filled with everything that the girls could ever need, and way more. And on the other side of the room I see a familiar face. 
“Paul? What are you doing here?” I asked as I gave him a hug. He explained that Niall had tried to leave but that he had to stay, and that Paul had said that he could come home to help out until Niall came back. This made me kind of happy, knowing that Niall tried to leave to be with me and that Paul would come and give me a hand. 
“Niall told me to get these things from the shop and install then in here.” He said and gesticulated to all of the new changes in the children room. It looked all so perfect.

We walked down to the living room and Paul got to meet Angel and Luno. He took care of them so that I could go and unpack all the things Eleanor had brought to me when I was at the hospital. I packed out and in the closet I found the basket shirt Niall wanted me to have while he was away. I smiled as it smelled like him. I finished up the unpacking and put the shirt on. 
I walked to Paul again and I started laughing a bit when I saw what he was doing. He was lying on the floor with Angel lying on top of his stomach and Luno lying over his head playing with his hair. It was so cute to watch. I sat down next to him and sat Luno on my lap. 
“Angel looks really like Niall.” He said, stroking her shin. “And Luno looks so like you.” I guess he was right. Angel had Niall‘s face form and Luno had my eyes and mouth.

We sat the kids in their baby gate which was filled with soft pillows and teddy bears, while Paul and I went to the kitchen to make some dinner. We had a great time talking and a great meal. It was all kind off awkward at the start but we got good along. I got why Niall likes him so much. 
We sat in the living room after the kids had fallen asleep in their new room, talking. He told me what the boys were up to and that they all missed me. He also congratulated me about the marriage.

As a couple of days passed by with extraordinary good help from Paul, he had to leave. He was going on a miner holiday with his family and wished me the best of luck. He left and I was left alone with my little angels. Other friends of mine that have kids told me that the first month is the worst that they scream all the time. But the only time I ever heard any of them cry was the day they were born. They were the best kids ever.

Two days later when I was taking a shower I heard something down stairs, so I finished up went down to see what it was. When I got to the bottom of the stairs I saw something that shocked me to a thousand. It was Niall. He was sitting on his knees in front of the baby gate with both his hands inside the gate and the twins holding tightly around his fingers.
“Niall.” I said walking towards him, pleasing a kiss on the top of his head.  
“They are so beautiful.” He said softly before standing up and giving me a proper kiss. It felt so good to have him with me again. 
“I am so proud of you, sweetie. You have no idea.” I said looking down at me, smiling. “(Y/N), I have a surprise for you.”

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