Niall Imagine.


18. 18

Niall Horan imagine. Part 18

As Eleanor and I drove to the hospital, the pain just got worse. She was trying to calm me, but I did not even hear her over all my screaming. I guess I would have been quite embarrassed if I could hear how I sounded. 
As we got there, El got a nurse and I was put in a chair and driven of a room. El followed the whole time, until we got to the room, were she was just pushed away. I panicked with the thought of doing this alone, and at that moment, that thought topped all the pain. I yelled at the nurses and tried to make them understand why I needed her there, but it was at no use. They put me on a bed and some woman came over to me and held my hand. She said that she would be the one to hold my hand trough the labour, but I said that I did not want her, that I wanted Eleanor. She walked over to the other nurses and talked about it before they let her in. 

El sat down on a chair next to me and squeezed my hand as I did the same to her. The labour started and the real pain followed close behind. This was even worse than the pain before. I had told the nurses that I did not want any shots or anything, I wanted it natural, but at that point, it did not seem like the best decision. This all lasted a while, and my heart rate was at what seemed like 40000, but it all stopped, all the pain despaired when I heard a sharp yet quiet scream. A baby scream. And not long after, another sharp voice filled the room. One of the nurses gave me one of the screamers and another one to Eleanor. My mind was all blurry after all the pain and all, but I could clearly see that it was the two new princesses I had wanted to meet for so long. 
“Welcome to the world Luno and Angel.”

The nurses an doctor left the room in order to let me and El be a little alone with the little ones. We sat and just talked a little about it all and I could not stop smiling of the sight of them. Then I remembered that I had not called Niall to tell him. I wanted to let him think about it for a second. So I got El to take a picture of me with the girls in my arms and I sent it to Niall with the caption: “Come home as soon as possible dad, the girls are eager to meet you!” 
I pressed send and just a few minutes later my phone rang. It was of course Niall. 
“What?! You gave birth? Oh my god!!! Are you okay? Oh my god! I am so happy right now!” 
“I am fine and so are the girls.” I said and could not stop smiling. 
“God, they are so beautiful!” He said and I could hear him crying a little. 
“They look a little like you, Niall.”
“They look like both of us, sweetie. I am so proud of you. I wish I was there. The boys just saw the picture and they are congratulating us.”
“Well tell them thank you. But sweetie, I will call you in the morning. I love you!”
“I love you too, (Y/N)!”

Some days went past and I talked to Niall every day before I went home. But as I got home, the door was unlocked. Where there someone inside? I walked in, put the trolley in the living room and slowly walked through the house until I came to the children’s room. The door was open and there are some sounds in there. I pushed up the door a little more. I was right, someone was in the room.
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