Niall Imagine.


17. 17

Niall Horan imagine. Part 17

I read the note one more time, it did really say forever. I grabbed my stomach, it was hard to breath. The world was spinning around me and my feet were numb. Niall had ended our relationship, ended us, and ended me. I could not decide if I was angry or upset. I was both. I got on my feet and rand up to my bed, which used to be our bed. I lay down just as the alarm went off. It was all another bad dream. Again I was dripping of sweat and my pulse was so much higher than what it should be. I turned around slowly, trying not to wake him up. I got closer to him and I buried my face in his warm chest.

Niall woke me up, wiping a dry tear off my cheek. 
“What is wrong? Did you have a bad dream?” his hand was resting under my cheek. His thumb was rubbing my cheek softly. It all felt like the bad dream had turned into a dream come true. I was in his hands, Niall`s hands. His one hand was rubbing my stomach, which was carrying two babies we made. Together. I felt like the princess he calls me.

The days went on and the dreams kept appearing every night. It started to freak me out a bit more than usual. I told Niall about the dreams, and he asked Doctor Sullivan what to do about it. Niall hated to see me in pain more than anything. The doctor said that it was normal, considering the circumstances. He told me to get to bed a little earlier than usual and that it may help a little bit. Niall had always been a type of guy that liked staying up late, but he always went to bed when I did. I asked him why, and he said that if he could not sleep, he would just lay there and watch me sleep. He was the perfect husband and would be the perfect dad.

More days went past and me and Niall spent a lot of time together. Now it was only two week until he left. We talked about it a lot and I felt calmer about it. 
One day, Niall came over to me and started talking. 
“I have a surprise for you, princess.” He sat on his knees in front of me, while I sat on the couch reading a book. 
“You and I are going to fly to Mullingar and stay there until I leave. So that when you deliver, you will not be alone. I want you to be as comfortable as possible. So what do you say sweetie?” His eyes were filled with joy. It all sounded great, but I wanted to deliver in the local hospital. Eleanor had also said that she would be there every step of the day. I told Niall, and he totally understood, but I also said that I would love to go and meet his parents. So we agreed on it, with no hard feelings.

We arrived his parent house a few days later and stayed there for about two weeks. We had the best time, and when it was time to leave, they wished me the best of luck and sent us on our way. 
As we got back home, it was time for Niall to leave. I sat on the bed and watched him pack. He would not let me help packing, not that I expected him to let me. He was so freaked out about the fact that my due-date was only days away. He packed all of his stuff, except his favorite basket top. 
“Please take care of this while I am gone.” He said as he sat down beside me. He put it on my lap and gave me a kiss in the cheek. 
“But Niall, this is your lucky top,” 
“(Y/N), you are my luck. This is just a shirt I like.” I smiled at him, promising that I would keep it.

We said goodbye, something that was the hardest thing at this moment. We talked for hours and I cried a lot more than I should. As I gave him the last kiss before he left more tears escaped my eye. This was so hard. I sucked it up and decided to send him away. I was just torturing myself my holding on to him. I let go and closed the door behind him. It all happened so fast, but maybe that was for the best. 
A few hours after he left something happened. I sat in a chair, and then it got all wet. Oh shit.   

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