Niall Imagine.


16. 16

Niall Horan imagine. Part 16

”(Y/N), this is so hard to say, but I we are going to shoot a new music video soon. We are filming it in Australia. “I looked at Niall, thinking that he would me on the other side of the world while I was pregnant. But as long he will be by my side when I would be giving birth, it was a little more calming. 
“Okay, but when are you leaving?” I sounded so sad, even though I did not mean to. 
“In three months. (Y/N), I am so sorry, we leave five days before due-date.” It was worse than I thought. He would not be here when I deliver. At this point I was freaking out. 
“I tried to set the date some other time, perhaps earlier, but the date is set, and I cannot stay. I am so sorry, babe!” Single tears were running slowly down his chin, and he was constantly kissing the top of my hand. 
“Niall, it is okay. I mean you will come back. It is not like you are moving.” I tried to sound happier and making him not so upset about it, but it was hard. I did not really worry about anything with the whole having kids thing, but the only thing that I was scared of, was being alone when it happened.

We talked a little about it and decided that he would fly me and the twins to Australia if he was going to be gone longer than expected. I told Niall that I had to go to the bathroom, but when I got there, I sat down on the floor and could not stop crying. My heart was broken. I was shaking of fear, knowing that my own husband would not be there when I need him the most. After sitting on the floor al little longer than expected, Niall came to check on me. He knocked on the door. I did not want him to see how I felt about it. 
“(Y/N), are you okay in there?” He knocked one more time. I tried answering with a voice that sounded as normal as possible. 
“Niall, I am okay.” It did not work. I had sobs in my voice and he heard it right away that something was wrong. 
“Let me in.” He was determined. He started knocking on the door again, not stopping until I lifted my tired body of the cold floor and unlocked the door. When he saw the redness in and around my eyes, he understood right away what I had on my mind. He locked me in his arms, trying to protect me form what I feared the most at this point.

“(Y/N), I cannot tell how sorry and sad I am about leaving you.” He said when we got back to the couch. 
“Do not be sorry Niall. You did not beg for this to happen.” My head rested on his chest, while my arms were twinned around him. He was rubbing my back and he softly kissed the top of my head.
“I have always wanted a proper family.” He said. “And the fact that I get to share that life with you, makes it so much better.”  I buried my face deeper in his chest. He was so warm.

As I fell asleep that night I could not stop thinking about everything. Not just everything about the due-date thing, but like, everything. I just thought about anything that could go wrong now and later, with me or/and Niall. Or the twins for that matter. I fell asleep after a long conversation with my own head. 
As I woke up and I did not see Niall by my side. I thought that he was out in the kitchen, but as I got there, all I could find was a note. I read it and lost it to the ground. I sat down beside it and stared shaking again. I took one more look at it. “I left for that shoot earlier than planned. Goodbye. Forever. x”

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