Niall Imagine.


15. 15

Niall Horan imagine. Part 15

Niall looked over at me. Then he grabbed my hand and dragged me out the door. Before I knew it we were on our way to the hospital. Louis had not told us what was wrong or who that was in the hospital, but it freaked us both out. Niall were shaking like crazy. 
“Niall, why are you shaking? Everything will be fine.” I gently rubbed his arm. 
“(Y/N), this is all freaking me out. Both you and I know that I don`t think so much when I am freaked out. What if I hurt you or the babies?”
“Niall, nothing will happen. Just relax and drive slower.” I was not scared of what that can happen, but it calmed him.

We got to the hospital, and a nurse told us where to go. We ran down the hallway and as we got closer to the room the nurse had sent us to, more paparazzo’s surrounded us. We got in the door to find almost all of their managers around a bed. Niall pushed his was trough and my heart almost stopped as I saw what they were all surrounded. I saw Harry lying on the bed, covered in bandage. 
“Hey.” His voice was so weak as he tried to seek to us. My eyes got watery the more he tried smiling. Louis came and grabbed my hand, leading me a little away.
“What happened?” I asked staring in his eyes. 
“Harry was out, getting a new tattoo, and when he was done, he walked outside and someone, we do not know who, shot him four times in the chest. It is a miracle that he is still alive. The doctor said that it will take a lot of healing, but if he gets the rest and time he need, he will be just like he used to.”
Tears was now streaming down my eyes, a little of the thought that someone had tried to kill Harry, and some tears for the fact that he would be okay. My hormones were all over the place, so it may also have been for something else…

Management left after a little while and the four boys and I were left alone with Harry. We all sat and talked, trying not to think of the fact of what that had happened. We laughed and talked for about an hour, when Niall took my hand and started talking. 
“Guys, we have something we need to tell you guys. Okay, let`s just start from the top, you guys know that we are expecting a baby….” 
“Yeah, when will be able to see the little one?” Liam asked. 
“We are expecting on about three months, but we are not expecting just one. We`re having twins, guys!” he said with the biggest smile on his face. All of the boys started cheering and smiling just as big, even Harry were cheering of joy. 
“Congratulation! Do you know the gender?” Zayn asked. 
“Two girls.” I said with the same ridicules smile on my face. They were all happy for us and could not wait to meet them.

We sat there for a few more hours before Niall and I decided to go home. We said bye to all of the buys and went back to our apartment. As we got inside, we both changed into sweatpants and I borrowed a basketball top from Niall, so that we would look the same. We turned on the TV, and watched the end of an old black and white film. He kept rubbing my baby bump softly. Then he turned my face so that I was facing him. He took a breath. 
“(Y/N), I need to tell you something…”
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